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Equipment: Nikon. 4x4 car for wildlife adventures. Inkscape for vectors. Love & peace.
Favourite subjects: People isolated against white background.
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I am a photographer working exclusively with


  I am a photographer working exclusively with

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Stock Image : Building site construction materials
Stock Image : Building site wooden obsolete crane
Stock Image : Elder person backyard garden care
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Stock Image : Spiraea bumalda flower
Stock Image : Pink spiraea bumalta flower
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Stock Image : Spider feeding macro

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Stock Image : Nurse temperature check old woman laying on sofa
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Stock Image : Adult woman in t shirt wearing scarf
Stock Image : Red Halloween night
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Stock Image : Woman reading book in park

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Stock Image : Family father boy educational play
Stock Image : Newborn incubator birth
Stock Image : Girl waiting for the call to connect
Stock Image : Two children with tablet
Stock Image : Internet danger shocked people
Stock Image : Business woman pointing
Stock Image : Water propelled jetpack
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Stock Footage : Toy windmill propeller storm huriccane
Stock Footage : Toy windmill propeller storm huriccane
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Stock Footage : Toy windmill propeller green nature eco energy
Stock Footage : Girls play water sun beach happy vacation
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Stock Footage : Happy child sand castle summer vacation beach
Stock Footage : Construction worker

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