Assignments - Coming back to life

Every month our agency has an assignment contest. Photographers have the option to either escalate the file to level 5 pricing, or sell the rights of the image for an instant bonus. Each concept submitted must be sold EXCLUSIVELY.

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February 18, 2015
If a house is destroyed, there is hope that a new one will be raised instead. If a man is humiliated, he'll be back on his feet again. Stormy clouds are just passing by and, in the end, the sun will make its way through. In one way or another, everything gets repaired.

How would you convince us that there is hope in every little brick that seems to put us down? It's the beam of light, or the beautiful floating lanterns sent across the sky? We will guide you through with the most important keywords.

As usual, we let your imagination do the magic with this theme. Hope and smile are the keywords here. You see them on every people's faces when leaving the hospital in good health, or in a watered flower. You see this in every fallen house being built again, in every river with its ice above melting, in the rising sun and in every window that is opened.

We need to be motivated to believe that good things prevail, so show us people recovering after being hit or hurt, sprouts growing from a dead tree trunk, cheerful people in dried up and deserted places dancing in the rain.
Look further and tell us stories about people quitting drugs, changing their lives and starting over.

Strong will
A man is learning to walk again after having an awful accident. A man walks free after being jailed. In each of the cases, a new life is born, so show us the expression on their faces.

This theme should be a metaphor, please avoid the zombies rising up from the dead - or to make it challenging, if you plan to send such images, make sure they transmit positiveness. Try putting a smile on that zombie face, maybe? :)

Make sure you upload the images following the steps below and mark them as "assignment files":

1. upload the image via FTP or via upload file page
No edits allowed.
2. go to assignment page, choose escalate to level 5 or sell the rights option and hit submit
3. choose the file you will be submitting to the assignment from the row of already uploaded images under the assignment text
4. continue upload as usual.

We accept editorial files as well.

The most motivated photographs will hit the podium being awarded accordingly:
1st place=$300
2nd place=$200
3rd place=$100
Bonus for the winners: Dreamstime branded tee.

Bury the bad things, unfold the light!