Every month our agency has an assignment contest. Photographers who have at least 50 images online can submit his/her work; this then gives the option to either escalate the file to level 5 pricing, or sell the rights of the image for an instant bonus. Each concept submitted must be sold EXCLUSIVELY with Dreamstime.

August 5, 2014
What we've thought, in our early years, that would be simply magical and unreachable, now it's for real. Our dream came true. 25 is a beautiful number and it's even more beautiful as it represents our new milestone. You already know that we celebrate every milestone, but this one is simply amazing - 25 million images online. How about that?

You guys did it and it's all your merit. We are very proud and grateful to have the most loyal, wonderful, helpful and friendly community in this competitive world of stock photography. And we're not just saying it, we're proving it with a special assignment with a special prize: $6,100 - the highest license ever sold by an image on Dreamstime.

Prepare your cameras to be the best hunters, because our contest is a scavenger hunt kind of contest.

We've mixed some unusual themes for our "map" to get from you something funny, something nice, something crazy, something spice. And guess what, you can submit your images more quickly and easily if you use our Dreamstime Photography Companion mobile app. Haven't already downloaded it on your iPhones or Android phones? Check it here.

Here's our list of themes that you must hunt:

1. Favorite word - SELFIE. We all do it. So please try and convince us with a duck face, acting silly or as a diva. Don't act alone, bring your friends for a hell of a selfie. A little bit of (Oscar) history repeating.

2. We love FOOD - You think everybody else has had enough of food pics? We haven't. So take some snaps of your food plate each time you go to a restaurant and we'll reward you.

3. Let's PARTY - Party like there's no tomorrow. Catch your friends' good vibe with your mobile phone and show us via our new app.

4. How about a GREAT ESCAPE? - If you like to travel, then you've witnessed mother nature's greatest landscapes, legendary ruins and unknown places. Just send us the proof.

5. Are you CRAZY? - Word ordinary or normal is prohibited here. We want to see outrageous, insane and out of the box images.

6. INTENSE COMPETITION? - Do you think you can show us what angry or passionate about something one can be? Let's see some blood running through one's veins. Just wait to see our scores in this competition.

7. GIVE ME SHELTER - We're also looking for your emotional side. Every man should have a place called home and everyone should try to help those in need. Picture that.

8. BUSINESS - If you think we've seen all the possible business related images, well you're wrong. How would you shoot them from another point of view?

9. WOMEN - Yes, we know it's the most complex theme of them all, but it's also the most beautiful one. We challenge you.

10. SUSTAINABLE LIVING - Green living is the buzzword these days. You just can't eat a tasty tomato grown up from a concrete backyard. Try to embrace nature, go blue and go green.

How do you get our $6,100:

You can submit maximum 25 images totally
Each image will be awarded points from 1 to 5
We count the best one for each category; if you submit more images to a certain category, the one with the biggest score will be counted
Then we sum up the points
If you submit with our Dreamstime app, you need to insert our special keyword: roaring25
when uploading.

We recommend you cover as many themes as possible.

Take your time - this assignment lasts for two months -, show us your treasures, collect points and win no less than $6,100.
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