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May 7, 2015
Our next assignment challenges you to illustrate life in the country, from the amazing night sky to everyday activities. Here's your chance to a trip to remember or if you already live there, we would be grateful if you enchanted us with idyllic images related to:

Show us the endless fields with farmers working the land with their tractors or carts, gathering the harvest or taking care of animals. Other activities might include milking the cows early in the morning, beekeeping, raising sheep and goats, looming and milling. In present days, micro farming is extremely developed. Let's see people tilling vegetables that will soon be distributed to big cities' markets. People living in the countryside usually have their small businesses such as guest houses ready to be rented by tourists or small shops where you can always find homemade bread, fresh eggs, milk and other traditional products. Speaking about homemade bread, show us countrywomen bread kneading.

Nothing compares to a child's smile while eating fresh fruits or drinking milk. Catch families' expressions while enjoying meals on their beautiful porches. Show us their tables with homemade food: cheese, milk, vegetables picked from the garden, eggs just collected from their own hens. A close up on these traditional products will badly make us wish to be there. You can as well spot them having a picnic on a hill next to their houses or enjoying the fresh air when taking long walks in the woods.

We would love to see a selfie of you with newly born piglets. Take a snapshot of the rooster imposingly sitting on the roof at 5 am in the morning starting its (annoying) wake-up call. How about photographing children running after hens and geese and playing with the chickens, or pecking the little ducks?

Whether you choose a trip to France, Italy or England, you will see that all the houses and buildings have a specific architecture and everyone of them is unique. In some of the villages, you'll see people are still wearing their traditional costumes on holidays. This is part of our culture and we should not ignore it.

It would be great to actually see the contrast between old and new so that we understand how country life has evolved throughout the time. Farmers working the land with their hands versus using agricultural equipment; animal stables versus modern farms. Don't be surprised if you see a farmer on the top of a haystack browsing the Internet from his portable device. If you do, capture the moment.

You have the chance to win a $$$ prize for your next idyllic trip to the countryside.
1st place=$300
2nd place=$200
3rd place=$100
Bonus for the winners: Dreamstime branded tee.

Make sure you upload the images following the steps below and mark them as "assignment files":
1. upload the image via FTP or via upload page.
No editing allowed.
2. go to assignment page, choose escalate to level 5 or sell the rights option and hit submit.
3. choose the file you will be submitting to the assignment from the row of already uploaded images under the assignment text.
4. continue upload as usual.
5. editorial files are accepted.

Bon voyage!