Full name: Claudio Balducelli
Located: Bracciano (rome), Italy
Joined: December 30, 2007
Equipment: Nikon D90 Gimp 2.6 Adobe Photoshop
Favourite subjects: Nature, travels, art; but, anyway, I like to capture images with every aspect of the world we live in.
Bio / Artistic statement
Since I was a boy, I always had a passion for photography. In the 70's I loved spend so much time in the photographic development laboratory to experiment with film and photographic papers of various kinds.

I am a researcher in physics and computer science and in my work I have also acquired expertise in digital imaging.
I also conducted courses in this area.
In Italy I am a member of an association that promotes the photographic work not for profit.
Claudio Balducelli (Baldas1950)


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Stock Image : Scattered clouds
Stock Image : Herd of dairy cows
Stock Image : Sand sculpture on Ibiza beach
Stock Image : St. Eulalia church in Ibiza
Stock Image : Old city of Ibiza
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Stock Image : Orion constellation in the deep sky
Stock Image : Sunrise on the lake

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Stock Image :  Merlin Entertainments London Eye
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Stock Image : Scene of Aida at Arena of Verona
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Stock Image : The opera Aida

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Stock Image : Self potrait of the past

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Stock Footage : Water river flow after raining
Stock Footage : Moonrise on the iced lake

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