Beautiful, Undiscovered Blurs Photos, Images, & Pictures

Managed by Amyemilia
Created: 12/19/2008
42 images from 33 contributors
Description: Blurs of all kinds! There are thousands in the Dreamstime database, so I'll limit this collection to images that have not been discovered. Once there are 2 downloads or more, I'll pull it out of the collection.

Usually we strive for perfection in focus. But sometimes a blur achieves beauty in a way that precision just doesn't. These are my personal favorites, including water blurs, long exposures, Christmas lights, digital creations, and other lovelies.
Keywords: beautiful, water, colorful, sea, christmas, ocean, blur, stream, light, soft, misty, colourful, long, river, lake, streak, blurs, trail, streaky, exposure [show more]