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The Remote Image Editor will be working remotely and will handle image reviews. This position requires someone who is not only an experienced photographer but also familiar with the microstock industry.


  • Review images from technical (lighting, noise level, optical quality, etc), aesthetical (composition, general appeal) and commercial points of view.
  • Assess image from a designer's perspective and see as many possible usages an image can offer
  • Audit online site content
  • Actively attend online staff meetings
  • May be required to monitor/post the Message Board
  • Research and share latest industry related updates/changes
  • Devote 4-5 hours minimum to Dreamstime-related tasks and stay in touch with in-house staff for updates and news.
  • Develop a workflow that allows him/her to review constantly in terms of volume and have a consistent assessment of the content reviewed. Payment for remote editors is review volume related.
  • Participate in initial training sessions that may take up to 6 months with senior editors so self-improvement is expected
  • Editors may be required to remain exclusive for 12 months after the contract completion
  • Guide and advise contributors towards improvement of their photographic skills and content through review and email feedback.


  • Solid knowledge of photography techniques
  • Excellent site activity: portfolio quality and diversity, high Approval Ratio, high Stock Rank score, constancy and consistency in submissions, useful posts or blog articles
  • Experience working with commercial stock imagery; background in design is a plus
  • Some notions of industry-related copyright
  • Detail oriented and ability to concentrate on repetitive tasks
  • Keen eye for quality photos
  • Ability to assess content suitable for our market's needs, aesthetically, technically and commercially
  • Fluency in speaking, reading, and writing in English
  • Good communication skills and team player
  • Must be exclusive with our agency
  • Must be a Dreamstime contributor


  • Fairly good knowledge of illustration techniques and programmes used to generate illustrations
  • Fluency in any of the following languages is a plus: Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, French
  • Calmness and tolerance are highly appreciated for this position

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