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This area brings together images on a specific theme or under specific criteria. The collections that are listed here were built by the site's members and contain work from different photographers. The author of the collection is not the photographer that took the pictures (although they can include their own work too) but the person that manages the collection.
A collection should include work from at least five photographers in order to become visibile on the site. You can start a new collection by accessing the 'Collections' section under your management area, or directly from an image page.

Image collections
Cycling and bikes - managed by Sebcz
Bicycle or bike ride Added: 02/04/2014
Images related to cycling, bikes, equipment, activity and athletes.

Antique Keys - managed by Umdash9
Antique Key Collection Added: 02/03/2014
Photographs of Antique Keys and collections of Antique Keys.

Natural Disaster - managed by Hkrunning
Offshore Drilling Well Oil Spill, Slick, Pollution Added: 02/03/2014
Collection of natural disaster

Teaching - managed by Miloseos
Teacher teaching primary schoolchildren Added: 02/02/2014
Teaching and education cincepts

Languedoc Roussillon - managed by Umdash9
Lastours Four Castles Added: 02/02/2014
Photographs of Languedoc Roussillon Southern France

Women - managed by Atomdreamstime
Woman stares up at the icicle Added: 02/02/2014
Women during travel

China - managed by Stelya
Hong Kong Skyline Added: 02/01/2014
Images depicting life and culture in China.

Background - managed by Hkrunning
Background of flowing water Added: 01/31/2014
Collection of background or abstract background

Dubrovnik Croatia - managed by Umdash9
Street in the old town Dubrovnik, Croatia Added: 01/31/2014
Photographs of Dubrovnik Croatia and Surrounding area.

Lunch time - managed by Mimohe
Cherries Added: 01/31/2014
Pictures related to cooking

France - managed by Mimohe
Balconies and windows Added: 01/31/2014
Landscapes, people, culture, history of France

Elements - Earth Water Fire Air - managed by Jubilist
Polluted water: red algae Added: 01/30/2014
Images of the four classical elements of earth, water, fire, and air

Landmark and beautiful scene around the world - managed by Hkrunning
Sydney Harbour Bridge Added: 01/30/2014
Collection of landmark and beautiful scene of different cities around the world

Mail box - managed by Montylola
Mail Box detail Added: 01/30/2014
All kinds of mail boxes from around the world.

Repetitive Structures - managed by Stockfotoart
Modern buildings Added: 01/30/2014
Repetitive geometric structures and patterns

City Wildlife - managed by Stockfotoart
Swan Added: 01/30/2014
Wild Animals living in big cities

Sweets, cakes, cookies - managed by Bat09mar
Fruit tart sponge cake on white Added: 01/30/2014
Cakes, cookies, chocolate, sweet bread, ice cream, meringue kisses, sweet pretzel, doughnut, jam, marmalade, fruit cakes, stollen, poppy seed roll, walnut roll, muffin, cupcake,

Abstract Painting - managed by Btktan
Grunge abstract Added: 01/29/2014
i love abstract drawing it will be my main title for my dreamstime upload this year

Vintage & grunge - managed by Kingstars11
Floral wallpaper Added: 01/29/2014
Vintage backgrounds

Spring blossom - managed by Parovysh
Pear blossom Added: 01/29/2014
Spring blossom of trees and shrubs

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