Credit packages

Pay per download
Our site uses credits as currency to pay for downloads. Valid for one year to use at any time, perfect for occasional purchases!


Time-based plans
Subscriptions allow you to make a certain number of downloads daily. Renewed monthly or depending on the plan selected, they are the recommended choice for large amounts of files!

Buy credits or subscriptions

To download high-resolution non-watermarked images you can select either credit packages (pay per download) or subscription plans (monthly-based). Invoices are provided for all your purchases. Credits expire after 12 months while subscriptions are set to expire after a specific period, depending on the plan selected.For a complete list of image prices as well as any update that may apply to your purchase, please check About Our Images page.

All licenses you receive when downloading images are worldwide valid and perpetual. Using credits, you can download: Royalty Free, Extended licenses and Editorial images as well as JPG/TIFF, vector and RAW formats. Subscriptions do NOT allow Extended license downloads. Purchasing a plan grants you unlimited free access to our free images database.

Remember to check license specifications on About our images and Terms pages to ensure you select the license appropriate for your usage and buy the package/plan that best fits your needs. Unused credits are kept in your account for future downloads for 12 months after purchase date. You can start downloading images once the transaction is registered.

Frequently asked questions

How do I pay for your images?
We provide you with several payment options. You can pay online (PayPal or credit card; all major credit cards are accepted) or use one of our offline payment methods (regular bank check, cashiers check, bank transfer/wire). For any of the offline payment methods, please contact us at 001-615-771-5611 (INTL) or toll free 800-243-1791 (US&Canada) for more details. Make sure you create an account first and have all the payment info ready prior to making the call. Please keep in mind that there is a minimum amount of $99.99 for offline payments.

What are credits?
The credit is our site currency and you use credits to download images. For each image downloaded, a certain number of credits will be deducted from your account, as per the credit price scheme displayed on the image detail page. Unused credits are kept in your account for future use for exactly 12 months from purchase date.

How many images can I download using the 8 credit package? It says up to 8 images but I got less.
The 8 credit package allows you to download a maximum of 8 images if you download images that cost 1 credit each. These would be the level 0 images at the smallest size. Our image prices differ according to the image size and level and they vary between 1 and 19 credits for a maximum size, maximum level file. For a complete list of prices, check the table on the About our images page.
Most of our database is made up of low level, hence low price images. You can set your search to return only low level images by using the Advanced Search - see button under the main menu toolbar. Remember to check the "Save settings" box in order for the search engine to maintain your settings for future searches. This will allow you to always download the lowest priced imaged and make most of the packages you purchase.

How many images can I download each day if I am using a subscription?
Subscriptions allow you to download a certain number of images every day. The maximum number of images you can download daily is 25 or 50. Image levels and sizes do not apply so only one download will be deducted for each image purchase you make. See a complete list of prices here.

What is the difference between subscription packages and credit packages?
Credit packages allow you to download as many images as the package allows with no significant time limitations. The majority of our credit packages offer substantial bonuses and discounts. Furthermore, credit packages allow you to purchase images under the Royalty free license or under Extended Licenses. You have to use the credits in maximum 12 months from their purchase date, but licenses for your downloads are lifetime. Subscriptions on the other hand, are based on a certain number of downloads allowed on a daily basis, up to 25 or 50 images, depending on the selected plan. Although there is a daily limit, you can download any image or size. Considering the high amount of images that you can download, the daily restriction is applied in order to assure an equal split of the consumption throughout the whole subscription period. Please note that subscription packages allow you to purchase images only under the standard Royalty Free license. For more details see pricing table here. Subscriptions are usually required by companies demanding high volume of images daily, while credits provide more flexibility and cover extra usage.

What are levels?
The levels refer to how many times an image has been downloaded. When someone downloads an image, the download will be added to the image's total number of downloads. When the amount of downloads per image reaches a specific number the level of the file is increased, increasing its pricing as well (the number of credits you pay for it). This system gives incentive to other images that are very good (but newer) to be downloaded, encouraging their use. You can use the Advanced Search to search based on the desired price level. Most of the images in the database are level 1 when they are submitted (images submitted in assignments are an exception).

I want to buy a subscription plan. How many images can I download and when does the subscription end?
The subscription plans give you access to a very high discount. The bonus can even exceed 100% in specific cases. Considering the high amount of images that you can download, a daily restriction is applied in order to assure an equal split throughout the whole subscription month. You may download up to 50 images/day, each day. If you used all downloads for one day, come back the next day and continue the download. If you are trying to meet a deadline and need more images for one day, you can buy credits to be used right away. Do not purchase a new subscription plan. You cannot have two subscriptions running simultaneously on the same account. Subscriptions end automatically after their specified period. The end time is not related to the calendar month but to the date at which you made the subscription purchase.

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