Full name: Shawn Low
Located: Singapore, Singapore
Joined: February 9, 2008
Equipment: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Favourite subjects: Landscapes, macro and portraits.
Bio / Artistic statement
I am a photographer working exclusively with Dreamstime.com.

Whew! Yeah, so, I'm an outgoing, bookish, hopeless romantic who talks a lot. I'm kooky, crazy and down to earth all at the same time. I love life and intend to live every day with a serious passion and I'll try just about anything once! i enjoy a good novel, a steamy cuppa joe on bitter, cold rainy days and you'll find me outside charging up some knoll in my running shoes when the weather's sunny and peachy keen. I'm of the fun, funny, spontaneous, independent, lo...
Shawn Low (Dacookieman)

  I am a photographer working exclusively with Dreamstime.com.

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Stock Image : Blue Lake in Sikkim
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