Full name: Dan Klimke
Located: Beaverton, United States
Joined: June 23, 2004
Equipment: Canon Rebel T3 (17-70mm) Mac Mini
Favourite subjects: Abstract, Industrial, Water Photography(splashes), Macro, Architecture, Animals, Beagles
Bio / Artistic statement
I am a photographer working exclusively with

If nobody cares, do it for yourself-
Dan Klimke (Dklimke)

 I am a photographer working exclusively with

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Stock Image : Tail of aircraft in flight
Stock Image : Detail view of aircraft rivets
Stock Image : Rear view of aircraft in flight
Stock Image : Rear view of aircraft in flight
Stock Image : Waterfront Park
Stock Image : Old Red Barn in Hood River
Stock Image : Downtown Portland Oregon
Stock Image : Illustrated Stop Watch
Stock Image : Man in gas mask

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Stock Image : Polaroid frame
Stock Image : Chicago city skyline
Stock Image : Damaged Polaroid Back
Stock Image : Man screaming
Stock Image : Buchart Gardens Victoria BC
Stock Image : American flag over US Capitol
Stock Image : Closeup Xray of Human Neck
Stock Image : Chicago business district street
Stock Image : Full Torso Xray

Exclusive images
Stock Image : Produce market stand
Stock Image : Beagle on grass
Stock Image : Old building and cloudscape
Stock Image : Mount Adams with Red Barn
Stock Image : Navy pier ferris wheel
Stock Image : Bundles of farm fresh Asparagus
Stock Image : Fisheye Buildings
Stock Image : Blue Berries
Stock Image : Ripe Red Cherry Tomatoes

Dklimke's models
Stock Image : Crazy Driver

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