Full name: Dmitry Tsvetkov
Located: Saint-petersburg, Russian Federation
Joined: October 20, 2009
Equipment: CAMERAs: Sony ALPHA550, Sony-a100k, LENS: sony 50/f1.4, minolta 70-210/f4, sigma 20/f1.8 FLASH: sigma 530 DG super reflectors 80sm & 110sm
Favourite subjects: portrait, view, food-photo, sport, people, beautiful girls)), (studio and outside shooting)
Bio / Artistic statement
now I'm a student of Saint-Petersburg state polytechnical university 10/28/2009 - first image online (11/02/2009 - second, and than big pause till the middle of january) 02/04/2010 - first sale 20/04/2010 - first blog posted 04/24/2010 - first collection created 05/06/2010 - 100th image online 05/16/2010 - first level 2 image ( 05/17/2010 - first time added to somebodies list of favourite photograpers 07/06/201...
Dmitry Tsvetkov (Dmitrytsvetkov)


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Stock Image : Tanned girl
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Stock Image : Girl in swimsuit
Stock Image : Girl in swimsuit
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Stock Image : Beautiful girl in pool
Stock Image : Beautiful girl in pool
Stock Image : Beautiful girl in pool

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Stock Image : Fencing world cup 2010 Shanaeva vs Eriggo Arianna
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Stock Image : Fencing. Wold cup 2010. stage winners
Stock Image : Fencing. World cup 2010. Aida Shanaeva
Stock Image : Fencing. World cup 2010.

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Stock Image : Lonely young woman
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