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Remove the noise before submitting your pictures

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Message posted at 04/12/2011, 09:56:42 AM by Red
The free version of Noise Ninja is limited and also puts a watermark/grid on the image. They do offer a Mac OS X version for CS5, which works ok.

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Message posted at 06/28/2011, 01:14:16 AM by Compuinfoto
[quote]Also... if you have Photoshop CS and shoot RAW, it was some nice noise reduction tools upon import. For some reason those same tools dont

What noise reduction tool do you mean?
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Message posted at 06/29/2011, 02:49:41 AM by Pindiyath100
I'm addicted to Neat Image & Topaz Denoiser. Very easy to use
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Message posted at 06/30/2011, 14:35:56 PM by Kcphotos
I have used Neat Image extensively for the past 5 years. Great program and works very nicely. I would be lost without it. My D300 is pretty good at high ISO anyway but in combination with Neat Image, noise is quite easy to deal with in all kinds of low light conditions.
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Message posted at 11/14/2011, 21:31:08 PM by Pinarello56

Again, four did not accept my picture. . .

I have a question that I can verify that the images noise? What is the standard, which is correct?

Thanks for your help!

Greetings Zsigmond

sorry for bad English

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Message posted at 12/05/2011, 20:02:04 PM by Wkcode
The noise problem is very painful.

Canon 1Ds / 5D / 30D/

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Message posted at 01/04/2012, 02:40:43 AM by Karsol
Thanks very much for that information
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Message posted at 01/14/2012, 13:22:16 PM by Risto40
DT admins, if i have removed noise (that ugbly colorful dots) but the background remains dotted/grainy due to high ISO, would that be acceptable? or should I remove that grain/dots too (ie blurring the area)?

Or is that high-iso generated dots/grain also called as noise?

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Message posted at 02/10/2012, 11:07:30 AM by Tenetsi
Katlyn, it takes a 5 years of experience to see the noise in every photo we upload :) The buyer would not probably mind little noise, as the world needs sometimes also some edge and not always botox filled beauty.

But DT has their rules and we must obey or stop uploading. Frustrating, yes, what can we do, nothing.
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Message posted at 04/15/2012, 10:20:38 AM by Ferdie2551
Thanks to all here for the Q & A plus tips on removing noise by Achilles. It's a very informative thread. I've just download and install this plug-in software for Photoshop, DeNois. It seems it works well as I have done some trials already. Does anybody have use this noise reduction plug-in software? Feedback please.
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Message posted at 10/10/2012, 02:01:05 AM by Fernley
I submitted two images of pre-dawn hot-air balloons being prepared for ascension. There were very dark areas contrasted by the light from the balloons illuminating the operators and spectators. Very dramatic images. They were rejected for noise in the dark areas and, as usual, I was told I could clean up the noise and re-submit.

I did just that, and I re-submitted after using professional noise removal software. The images were very clean and detailed. A day later they were rejected for being too dark - taken at the wrong time of day.

This has happened before - being given a reason for rejection and after correction and re-submission there's another rejection with another reason. It's frustrating and a waste of time.

From now on I'm going to shoot all my pre-dawn images at mid-day.

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Message edited at 10/10/2012, 08:16:15 AM by Admin
Dear Nikon and Canon, can you please solve the noise from your sensors at some point (during our lifetime, if possible)? This is a 2004 thread, can't we have some research put into this noise problem after so many years? Pretty please?

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Message edited at 10/10/2012, 08:20:42 AM by Admin
@Fernley: Have you resubmitted using the resubmit option? If you just make a new submission with the same photos, they may go to a different reviewer and maybe he didn't tolerate the (too) dark areas.

Anyway, you can adjust the levels a little and resubmit now, and don't forget to use the "Comment for editor" field, where you can explain the improvements.

Good luck :)
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Message posted at 10/10/2012, 08:43:22 AM by Therealdarla
Look at them at 100%. If they look grainy, or speckled, or the color is chunky, that's noise.
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Message posted at 10/10/2012, 08:45:13 AM by Ferdie2551
Thanks for these tips. really appreciate it.
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Message posted at 10/13/2012, 18:02:36 PM by Cdreamgirl
Still not helpful......... How is "noise detected".
I wrote editors - and had NO response.........
I had a very very clear shot of a penguin that was rejected. Another site accepted it........
I had reduced "noise" with my software.......
So the confusion - and fear of rejection - adding to the "rejected count" - is very concerning.

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Message posted at 02/17/2013, 12:31:09 PM by Yjcfoto
Try SILKYPIX ... default for noise, but you must have RAW/NEF. Control support for your camera.

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Message posted at 04/27/2014, 14:03:40 PM by Robertnacke
Hello What software is the best to use for noise ,and the easiest that can be handle the best if you can tell me this
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Message posted at 04/27/2014, 15:34:55 PM by R3v3nan7
Hi Robertnacke,

I use from a while Noiseware professional from imagenonic in photoshop with default settings and I`m very content so far. It seems I had decided my problem with noise. I`m shooting with Nikon D3200. I hope this works for you :)

Best regards and good luck :)
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Message posted at 04/29/2014, 12:29:33 PM by Robertnacke
Hello all who answer me I will try your suggestions on this ,thank you R3vnam7,and all who answer me
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