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Message posted at 04/03/2012, 11:52:12 AM by Srp0uk
I had to chuckle that beavers came immediately after foreskin in the list...

Interesting to see that the list was posted in 2009 but many of those still don't have many results...

Question for all... do you think, for example, that having images of foreskin in your portfolio would devalue/detract from your other work? Would it put some buyers off! /curious

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Message posted at 04/09/2012, 04:22:33 AM by Luisrsphoto
This was a very interesting post. An update would be highly appreciated by all of us
Canon gear

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Message posted at 04/12/2012, 14:26:24 PM by Growgraphics
Thank you for this very useful info. This is potentially one of the most pro-active way to satisfy the needs of designers. A shopping list, a navigation tool ... a destination.
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Message posted at 04/20/2012, 11:29:33 AM by Kphotos6411
This information is over 2 years old. Could we have a list from 2012?
We use Nikon D700 and Nikon D200 cameras, Nikon lenses, and ...

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Message posted at 02/07/2013, 08:49:51 AM by Jdfoster
Thanks for the list. Where did you find it?

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Message posted at 02/16/2013, 18:22:54 PM by Montylola
Feb 2013
I have been browsing the keyword information you uploaded in 2009 regarding lack of image matchings of keywords.

And I am sure along with a number of other contributors we would appreciate an update.

Or is there a way that us contributors can do this ourselves?
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Message edited at 02/17/2013, 09:53:09 AM by Xevious
Should be nice a tool like Adwords Keyword Tool, but made specifically for Dreamstime.
Be curious.

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Message posted at 02/21/2013, 16:50:03 PM by Myersct
Yes, an update would be great!!
Nikon D5100 and Canon G10

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Message posted at 02/22/2013, 11:31:46 AM by Chanevy
Awww...I keep checking to see if this board has actually been updated. What a great thing to do, please give us another list when you have the time.
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Message edited at 02/27/2013, 03:48:16 AM by Xevious
Btw, most of keys in the old list are valid and interesting, yet. For example: "blue effect light mesh spiral swir vector" has only 6 results, "foreskin" only 11 and so on.
Be curious.

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Message posted at 02/27/2013, 04:45:50 AM by Parkinsonsniper
I love the idea, why not keep posting such keyword lists today? It will be extremely helpful for contributors. We can "fill the gaps", instead of searching for things to shoot...
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Message posted at 03/26/2013, 07:20:09 AM by Rlboston2009
This is rather dated. Is there anything similar that's more current?


Pentax K7

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Message posted at 03/26/2013, 07:32:59 AM by Nikitu - member is an admin
There are almost no images with epilepsy awareness. Today is Purple Day - The Global Day of Epilepsy Awareness and not much to illustrate it with.
Canon 6D, Canon G1x,Canon 550d, Canon 40d, Canon G10, Canon ...

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Message posted at 03/27/2013, 09:28:52 AM by Silvastrings

Originally posted by Nikitu:
Quoted Message: There are almost no images with epilepsy awareness. Today is Purple Day - The Global Day of Epilepsy Awareness and not much to illustrate it with.

Thanks for the heads-up Nikitu. I've created an image for purple day, but would take 127 hrs through the normal review route, can this be speeded up to fill this need?

Nikon D7000

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Message posted at 03/28/2013, 04:32:28 AM by Photokirst
thanks for the info.. I haven't visited here much but time to check it out!

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Message posted at 06/17/2013, 08:52:45 AM by Juliecwagner
This is cool! I wish I had more photography time to go take some of these! :)
Nikon D90 and PS Elements 10

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Message posted at 08/10/2013, 09:33:30 AM by Lenutaidi
Very useful information!Thank you, Tangie!An update would also be interesting!

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Message posted at 11/14/2013, 15:32:56 PM by Paprgypc
This is very useful. Thanks for the information.
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Message posted at 11/27/2013, 12:20:22 PM by Amlanmathur
This is a pretty good list, is there any way that we can compile an update list of this sort?
Sony NEX 6

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Message posted at 12/13/2013, 10:15:53 AM by Bobbrooky
Tangie, you are an intelligent, aware, alert, informative and conscientious, not forgetting beautiful, administrator. Why do you not reply to the many, including mine, requests for an update to this thread, which can only help towards further success for Dreamstime?
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