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Upgraded feature: Lightbox panel

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Message edited at 06/03/2010, 06:46:18 AM by Admin
The lightbox frame that opened at the bottom of your screen is being replaced by a floatable and resizable panel with modern CSS/Ajax technology. We also replaced the Flash animation as it proved unreliable on various browsers, especially when working with larger lightboxes. Give it a try by using the "Add to lightbox" icon within the search results page or on any other page where it is available.

We expect this update to improve the workflow of the designers and their overall experience with Dreamstime. There are several more updates waiting deployment, so stay tuned!

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Message posted at 06/03/2010, 08:20:23 AM by Py2000
Cool! DT keeps getting better!
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Message posted at 06/03/2010, 15:21:46 PM by Municolash
Wow, very cool. This is a nice tool.

Just a little issue, I tried to convert a lightbox into a collection and bang, the system said that there were no images in the new collection. Maybe it's an error of mine as it's the first time that I try to create a collection.


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Message posted at 06/03/2010, 18:51:11 PM by Mani33
Great! One of the reasons I didn't like the lightboxes before is the space they occupy! The floating idea seems nice! Going to try it...

Thanks for the update DT!
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Message posted at 06/05/2010, 03:00:45 AM by Landd09
Very good, very good, very good, very good, .

DT is the best. Best regards to all and for you Achilles! :)

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Message posted at 06/18/2010, 06:40:55 AM by Furo_felix
Just saw the update. Pretty cool!

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Message posted at 06/18/2010, 11:42:18 AM by Linqong
Great! so cool!!!
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Message posted at 06/18/2010, 14:03:26 PM by Calyx22
I just used this today and it works great. It's so easy to use-much easier than before. Thanks, DT!
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