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WTB WordPress Plugin

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Message posted at 02/19/2011, 15:30:10 PM by Dnavarrojr
I'd love to see Dreamstime develop a WordPress plugin with the following features:

* Allow me to search/purchase images from within WordPress.

* Allow me to display my entire portfolio on a page with referral links.

* Allow me to display my last 'x' uploads in a widget.

* Allow me to display a specified lightbox on a page with referral links.

I know there's a plugin that lets you buy images from DT from within WP, but the ability to promote my portfolio and images of contributors I like is important. Doing it manually is a PITA.

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Message posted at 02/20/2011, 14:02:12 PM by Maigi
I think it's a great idea. Would help to create content to promote the site.
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Message posted at 05/21/2013, 09:23:41 AM by Miraclemoments
Has there been any further development with regards to this??
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Message posted at 12/10/2013, 06:49:32 AM by Salehm308
This would definitely make it easier to use DreamsTime with Wordpress. PhotoDropper do exactly what you describe so it would be good or a DreamsTime version soon!!!

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Message edited at 03/27/2014, 10:19:58 AM by Admin
Guys, we have implemented the WordPress plugin. The discussion is here.

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