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can't upload the very first pics! help?? :-)

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Message posted at 02/24/2011, 15:48:41 PM by Gattainvolo
i tried uploading my first four pics in the java window. after a few seconds i get the "technical error" tiny window :-S without any managed upload. could you tell me why this happens and how i can fix it?


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Message edited at 02/24/2011, 16:08:36 PM by Igordabari
I never got such messages. Perhaps you would try FTP? It is easy and very convenient. If you do not want try to upgrade JAVA.
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Message posted at 02/24/2011, 17:31:21 PM by Pastywhyte
Try to update your java to most current. Also be sure that you have as few programs/processes running as possible so your not taxing your RAM too much. Try to have only one browser open at a time and minimize the number of open tabs (that means closeing facebook). If none of that helps try the FTP as Igor suggested.

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Message posted at 02/25/2011, 19:01:57 PM by Adpower99
Also, try changing browsers. Some browsers work better with Java than others.
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Message posted at 02/26/2011, 02:54:06 AM by Gattainvolo
ehm..sorry..what's FTP?

thanks for your answers!

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Message posted at 02/27/2011, 04:49:02 AM by Tamarabauer - member is an admin
FTP is file transfer is basically a piece of software that will allow you to connect to the DT server and upload your files. Google a program called FileZilla...that's what I use and it's incredibly fast!
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Message posted at 08/13/2012, 18:30:16 PM by Madiuhart
I'm actually having the same issue, I just joined a few days back and I am trying to upload photos via the whole java thing. Not working out so well.
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Message posted at 08/13/2012, 20:25:49 PM by Therealdarla
The Java has been broken for some time. Use one of the other methods offered.
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Message posted at 08/14/2012, 09:30:39 AM by Carballo
I also uploaded with FTP and problem
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Message posted at 09/11/2012, 18:57:43 PM by Darkchocolate27
Java not working for me either. :-(
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Message posted at 09/11/2012, 19:50:27 PM by Darkchocolate27
FTP worked! :-)
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