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Olympic Flame

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Message posted at 08/03/2004, 06:11:07 AM by Mark8barnes
I'd really like an image of an olympic-style torch (preferably a close-up), or one being passed on from one person to another. I'm sure that at this time of year it could be a popular image!

It is for a Magazine cover. The theme issue is called 'Passing on the torch'.

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Message posted at 08/03/2004, 07:23:33 AM by Achilles - member is an admin
Nice idea, not a very common subject though.

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Message posted at 09/23/2004, 20:39:07 PM by Webdata
The flame of the 2004 Olympiad is a trademark of the International Olympic Committee who owns all rights and privileges of the torch in perpetuity. Duplication of the flame is a violation of international copyright law.

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Message edited at 09/23/2004, 21:25:06 PM by Ericsphotos
Webdata, you sound dead serious about it. Now I am afraid to light up a candle in my house. Seriously, where did you hear about it?

OK. I did some research and here is the document that explain quite a lot about olympic emblems and symbols


Page 19 (article 4.10.2) explain using Olympic symbols/emblems etc. So I believe not only Olympic Rings but also The Torch is protected under the copyright law.

Webdata you were absolutely right!
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Message posted at 09/24/2004, 00:55:15 AM by Fotoeye75
You can get that type of image from a stock agency .. it just requires purchasing editorial rights instead of royalty-free rights. It will cost $75-200 instead of the $1 you pay here and there will probably be more specific restrictions on its use as well but if you really need it you need to search an agency that is rights-managed and not royalty-free. Hope that helps.
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