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Message posted at 06/07/2011, 20:15:58 PM by Thewildside
Im building a website for my photography and want to know what you guys think about it? If any one has any tips i would love to hear them.

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Message posted at 06/13/2011, 19:10:37 PM by Maigi
Nice site.

If you asked for the tips, then maybe your home page could be more informative. It gives the first impression to the visitor. Often it's the only page what they are looking. You need to think how to keep them on your site or how to give them a brief overview what they could expect to find on the site.

Just a thought.
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Message posted at 06/14/2011, 03:02:41 AM by Tilholm

My tips:

Remove the pages that doesnt have content yet. Add them when you add the content. That is for Webstore, testimonials, FAQ etc.

Why do you use different size and color on the text in About and Home? I think it would look better to have a smaller font on About, and a little bigger on Home. And use the same color for all body matter.

I really like the calendar :) And the portfolio is easy to navigate and I hope you add more photos soon ;)

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Message posted at 06/14/2011, 08:25:25 AM by Thewildside
Thanks guys. The reason i used diferent text color is because i changed it by mistake and couldnt find the color i started with.

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Message posted at 06/20/2011, 11:41:11 AM by Ptoone
The images are not displaying properly for me.
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Message posted at 06/20/2011, 14:24:56 PM by Mariaam - member is an admin
Your website looks nice so far! Keep up building it!
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Message posted at 07/06/2011, 13:12:24 PM by Thewildside
@ Ptoone Ill try to fix it asap

@ Mariaam Thank you:)

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Message posted at 12/26/2011, 07:40:12 AM by Martinwhisely
Looks better but it does not have any content over the website so more visitor would not be able to come.

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Message posted at 11/05/2013, 12:09:48 PM by Mschaaf24
I like the color blue which you have used but I think many people will look at your site and leave because they will think your blue is too dark, people like flashy thing but not too flashy and I think as people get lazier and yes I said lazier but they are, but these people need something that catches there eye to make them stay on your site and read something. My biggest site was a little old school and is on page one of google but I had a high bounce race, then I livened up the color and changed things around and cut my bounce rate in half.

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Message posted at 01/01/2014, 22:32:08 PM by Benbecon
Nice website,but try to use colors that do not act dark to your eyes.

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Message posted at 10/18/2014, 06:04:36 AM by Preethipriti23
Plz check my website guy..
If you liked my website reply can also give a suggestion about my website.
Thank you.

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