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How do I create visually appealing forms in Dreamweaver MX?

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Message posted at 10/06/2011, 19:26:39 PM by Bchapp
So it's been about 12 years since I designed a website and I've forgotten almost everything but I do remember how to insert your standard forms into a webpage in Dreamweaver MX. Now I see all these cool form vectors and images listed for sale as web elements. So, how do I take the form "photo" and turn it into a working form in Dreamweaver? Do I use layers? It's been so long I need baby steps as instructions or if you could point me in the right direction to a tutorial or something. Much love for much info!!

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Message posted at 10/06/2011, 21:36:58 PM by Red
Have you searched for this info, there are a lot of video tutorial that are helpful, something that wasn't around when I used to work in one of the first versions. Visual help is a plus.

Dreamweaver Forms Tutorial

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Message edited at 10/24/2011, 16:45:45 PM by Agaliza
If it's been 12 years, web pages have evolved to use more CSS scripting instead of HTmL tables these days to style forms. Search Google for CSS forms for starters. Lots of resources that include validation, content check and styling. The latest version of DW also prefers to work in CSS.

Here's one for starters -

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