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New subs commission?

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Message posted at 01/05/2012, 10:43:09 AM by Pancaketom
So as I am reading this, although we can't actually tell because of the opacity of the normal sales amounts (we never know how much the credits cost). When the sale is a referral we get paid less for any sale, credit or subs? The only reason we noticed is because for subs we were promised a specific amount and we actually get less than that.

Can you tell us what % of sales are referral sales?

how about the maximum % that can go to the referrer - 25%? 30%?

I still maintain that the cost of referral sales should come out of marketing and that should come out of the 75 to 50% of the sale that goes to DT for stuff like marketing.
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Message posted at 08/08/2012, 03:15:09 AM by Djaki79
I just got 0.25 for level 4 subscription sale, additional format. How is it possible? Image rating isnt important anymore when anybody can get subscription and bye any image as low as 0.2. Subscription price use to be tied to image level before.

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Message posted at 08/08/2012, 03:33:17 AM by Melonstone
I'm a big supporter of limiting image sizes available for subs sales. Hate that a max size pic can be sold for cents. I'm also a little cheesed to realise that just because someone else refers a purchaser to DT my "cut" is reduced even more!

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Message posted at 08/08/2012, 03:45:24 AM by Tangie - member is an admin
@Melonstone: Purchases made by referred buyers do not affect your royalties. Dreamstime supports all referral shares - see thread here for details.

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