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You gotta love the irony!

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Message posted at 11/21/2011, 06:31:06 AM by Karenfoleyphotography
I just found one of my watermarked images being used illegally .....

... on a law firms web site!

Love the irony! but still contacted them to insist they either buy it or remove it ...

... it was removed.

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Message posted at 11/21/2011, 08:24:40 AM by Nikon4004
Guess since they KNOW the law, they are ABOVE it?

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Message posted at 11/21/2011, 18:20:10 PM by Adpower99
That's pretty funny!

There's an engineering firm's website that I'm keeping an eye on. They have about 20 DT watermarked images on it now, but it looks like a work in progress. I'm hoping that they'll soon replace them with legitimately purchased versions and I won't have to do anything.
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Message posted at 11/21/2011, 21:57:48 PM by Angelaostafichuk
Even more ironic is that they removed it. If it's a law firm I bet they can afford it...

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