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converting a jpg to eps (vector)

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Message posted at 11/23/2011, 08:15:37 AM by Bluecrimson
as i draw in flash cs4 (easier than photoshop for me) i export the file as a jpg.

is there a way to convert the jpg to eps?

i know you can open jpgs with photoshop so can i just do another "save as" eps?
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Message posted at 11/23/2011, 09:17:48 AM by Adpower99
I believe you can convert a jpg to eps that way, but it won't be scalable like an original eps is. The only benefit there would be if you had a program that would open eps documents, but not jpgs.
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Message edited at 12/01/2011, 09:07:31 AM by Therealdarla
You can not simply convert a jpg (raster file) to an eps (vector file) in any useful way. EVEN with vector software.

They are different kinds of files. It would be like trying to save a txt file as an mp3.

The reason your graphics program shows eps as an option is because it can IMPORT eps files as rasters, so that you can view them, and place them in images.

You need software designed to create vector files, to make eps files. Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Xara, Inkscape. (Inkscape is free, but it's quite limited)

If you want to get into doing vectors, you will find the learning curve rather steep. Look up tutorials online.

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Message posted at 12/17/2011, 06:54:31 AM by Nitinkpatel
You need to recreate it completely on any vector based software like Illustrator, coral etc.

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Message posted at 01/03/2012, 08:31:55 AM by Andreeadobrescu - member is an admin

It doesn't make any sens to convert the jpeg file into eps. You can save it as an eps file, but that will not make it a vector file, even if the extention is eps. If you want to create vectors , i recommend you to use special vector creating software.

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Message posted at 01/25/2012, 08:27:51 AM by Mg121977
if you have a vector program, they generally have an "auto-trace" feature that will create a vector file from a jpeg. This feature will allow you to specify the number of colors and detail for the vector artwork. The end result does not look exactly like the jpeg, but is worth a try.

I have Adobe Illustrator and will use this feature often.
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