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Why Some Men Have a Dog And No Wife

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Message posted at 06/20/2012, 03:22:29 AM by Bluwarrior
Funny post Peanutroaster...and interesting comments like the reply of Lejoch. :)
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Message posted at 06/21/2012, 09:28:16 AM by Parkinsonsniper
This is why I prefer a human-being instead of a dog!

- Human photos sell better! LOL
- A human can easily follow your posing instructions.
- A human can smile.
- A human will probably NOT pee (and even worse) on the ground.
- A human have less fur then a dog :)) (well exceptions are always welcome. Watch the movie "Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (2006)" (this is a movie about a photographer)
- A human is easier to isolate on white background!
- Some humans can walk next to you, without extra effort!

:)) thanks for this nice blog, it made me smile! So I tried to add some counter opinions :))
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Message posted at 06/21/2012, 17:03:10 PM by Peanutroaster
Good points. I have Fur on my must see list. Diane Arbus is one of my favorites although I read the movie took a lot of liberties with reality.
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Message posted at 07/01/2012, 08:34:57 AM by Davidwatmough
Well thats fantastic............ thankyou. David

It will be funniest for those divorcing.
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