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Thank you Franciscah and Dreamstime for the new book cover!

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Message posted at 07/09/2012, 03:46:35 AM by Americanfaerie
Hi, just wanted to let Franciscah and dreamstime know that I used his image "Fantastic Warrior Woman in the Moonlight" as the cover for my book. Here is the Link to my Blog:
The link to my Blog
and here is the link to Amazon:
I am in the process of making a website, but haven't finished yet.
If you could get this message to Franciscah, I'd appreciate it. His work is absolutely beautiful! Thank You!

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Message edited at 07/09/2012, 11:50:30 AM by Admin
Hi, thanks for your kind post. You can contact Franciscah yourself by just leaving a comment on one of her images (Tools tab / Send a Comment field). Here's the image your are referring to:
Thanks! :)

 Fantastic warrior woman in the moonlight 

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