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DTemoticon or things you did not know about the DT staff

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Message posted at 07/27/2012, 07:05:21 AM by Dmccale
Nice to know a little about all of you..Love you all Peace Debbie
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Message posted at 07/27/2012, 16:33:26 PM by Leesniderphotoimages
Hi Carmen,

This blog is absolutely delightful and fun. It's nice to know a little more about the DT staff. Cheers and have a great weekend. LEE
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Message posted at 07/27/2012, 18:30:38 PM by Littlemacproductions
That was fun! Nice job Tangie for posting all your co-workers secrets!
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Message posted at 07/28/2012, 06:14:06 AM by Dprogers
Nice work; it is keeping me amused in Warsaw while I wait for a plane.
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Message posted at 07/28/2012, 13:01:13 PM by Miele
LOL funny!!
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Message posted at 07/29/2012, 05:51:12 AM by Meryll
Nice and funny. I guess most of the information is true! A good team anyway.
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Message posted at 07/30/2012, 00:54:39 AM by Pindiyath100
Too funny to Especially the one about Serban...:)
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Message posted at 07/30/2012, 17:57:27 PM by Peanutroaster
Funny! What a fun group of people with diverse interests. Sounds like you guys work hard but enjoy it.
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Message edited at 07/30/2012, 18:54:48 PM by Androniques
Yes, you do "look friendly and cute" until it comes to "similars", "distorted pixels", "rule of thirds" and "that's not what we are looking for"... ;-)))

Fun reading and surprise on all the comments by other DT officers... didn't you compile all the emoticons with secrets together?.. Descriptions of Nikitu are quite precise anyway! Also liked Serban's "two for the price of one", although nowadays it's most often three... :)
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Message posted at 07/31/2012, 01:58:06 AM by Alvera
lol, the DTemoticons are not what we are looking for?! :)) And have distorted pixels! :))
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Message posted at 08/01/2012, 00:19:47 AM by Angelaravaioli
Great idea and beautiful and very funny these icons!
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Message posted at 08/06/2012, 05:49:37 AM by Vwimage
Great descriptions! I feel like I know you all much better now :))
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Message posted at 08/06/2012, 14:56:16 PM by smartview27
Very creative !
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Message posted at 08/07/2012, 00:25:51 AM by Onime
Nice... very funny :))
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Message posted at 08/09/2012, 16:29:36 PM by Bluwarrior
Very funny post! Thanks for give such a personal and humourous introduction of DT team. Cheers
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Message posted at 09/15/2012, 17:41:33 PM by Photobee
Oh very interesting expression!
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Message posted at 10/05/2012, 06:16:35 AM by Parkinsonsniper
From now on, I will use this guide when I reply a DT Admin :))
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Message posted at 01/28/2013, 15:05:07 PM by Lenutaidi
Nice and funny!I enjoyed reading it!

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Message posted at 02/07/2013, 00:11:08 AM by Keremgo
I love the emoticon with $ signs on its eyes most :D

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