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5 files you feel were incorrectly evaluated …

Sorry if this topic has been already cover, I cannot find any post about this.

I have submitted couple of files in "Insert IDs, comma separated” field for review assessment on “Refused files” page. But I cannot see any progress or response on this. At least some confirming e-mail, saying which files I submitted would be helpful. Or I missing something and there is a way to track these files?
Posted: 08/01/2012, 03:09:35 AM
member is an admin
This feature is still in beta testing. There is no reply yet, unless the image is approved. We will make an update once it goes live entirely.
Posted: 08/01/2012, 05:36:31 AM
Ok, thank you for reply! )))
Posted: 08/01/2012, 14:52:19 PM
But what does this new feature?
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Posted: 10/26/2012, 05:54:42 AM