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Nurse and medical professionals

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Message posted at 08/06/2012, 09:46:54 AM by Harnetthealth
Looking for single images of medical professionals (nurses, lab, imaging staff) - diversity important (race - not just black/white, AGE, GENDER, cultures, etc)

Purpose: Billboard - recruitment campaign

Specs: clean background that can be knocked out - no sexy, funny, "cutesy" people... want people who look like they are capable of providing quality healthcare... not someone from Grey's Anatomy.

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Message posted at 08/06/2012, 10:03:12 AM by Enigmacypher
I did an advanced search, and I hope you can find what you are looking for in these results:

medical professionals

In case you are curious, the search was done on the terms "medical isolated" with the word "sexy" excluded (that got rid of a lot of unrelated photos). The search was also filtered to only show images with people age 21 or older of any ethnicity except white/Caucasian (since I figure you already found enough to represent this group).

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Message posted at 08/06/2012, 10:07:11 AM by Enigmacypher
Also, the results on that link look best (to me, anyway) when sorted by "Most Relevant" with 200 images shown per page. Good luck!

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Message posted at 08/06/2012, 10:11:23 AM by Harnetthealth
Thanks for the tips. I was getting sleazy, slutty nurses with mini skirts with the content filter "on" and excluding "sexy, fantasy", etc... 34,000+ photos of junk like that. I appreciate the tips!

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Message posted at 08/06/2012, 10:17:34 AM by Enigmacypher
Yes, I was surprised how many of those came up with my first searches. Those are definitely not what you need for a professional healthcare billboard. There are still close to 3000 images in the search link above, but getting rid of a few words can really help make the results a bit more relevant. I hope you find what you are looking for!

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Message posted at 08/07/2012, 00:25:33 AM by TMarchev
Hm... i have only backgrounds sorry.

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Message posted at 08/07/2012, 06:08:24 AM by Wisconsinart
 Serious Medical Doctor Surgeon Operate Isolated 
Nikon D800, D100, Canon G15

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Message posted at 08/07/2012, 06:40:24 AM by Karenfoleyphotography
   Surgeon with xray   

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Message posted at 08/07/2012, 07:49:08 AM by Harnetthealth
Since this is a recruitment campaign for nurses, lab techs, imaging techs, it would be great to have non-masked, smiling faces. We can work with taking out a background.

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Message edited at 08/07/2012, 13:43:42 PM by Luchschen
   Blood sample   

etc.- laboratory and test
Canon 5D Mark II, Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8, Canon EF 24-105mm,...

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Message edited at 08/08/2012, 06:17:46 AM by Anyaivanova
   Professor and PhD student discuss results   

   Scientist works in modern laboratory   

You can see more images here. Hope it helps!
Nikon D600, Nikon D700, 14 mm, 24mm TS, 60/2.8 macro, 24-70...

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Message posted at 08/08/2012, 07:28:43 AM by Grafoo
   Doctor Using A Microscope   
Olympus E-500, 17.5-45mm, 40-150mm, ... Adobe Photoshop, Ad...

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Message posted at 08/08/2012, 07:45:34 AM by Harnetthealth
I like the female lab tech... Would like photos showing the faces instead of side views and no faces. We want to appeal to people, so smiles and eyes are helpful. Thank you all for ALL your suggestions!

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Message posted at 08/08/2012, 21:05:25 PM by Peanutroaster
Http:// Canon EOS 6D full frame ca...

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Message edited at 08/16/2012, 12:53:11 PM by Godfer
Would this model and this outfit by suitable? If so I could do take some photos of her in my studio. Please let me know exactly what you want

   Nurse or doctor and senior patient   Senior with dr or nurse 
Canon 5D MK II

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Message posted at 08/20/2012, 14:26:45 PM by Lisafx
I have a LOT of those types of images in my porfolio. Here are just a few examples:

 Smiling Doctors with Chart  Handsome Doctor in Labcoat  Female African-American Doctor  Nurse With Clipboard on Blue [img]16371724/img] Attractive Smiling Doctor  Medical Professional - Compassionate  Diverse Medical Team  Friendly Medical Team 
Canon 5D, 40D, Various lenses, flashes, studio lights, light...

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Message posted at 09/10/2012, 19:52:21 PM by Joyfuldesigns
   Woman in Medical Scrubs Presentation      Image not available or id is incorrect.   
   Image not available or id is incorrect.   
   Image not available or id is incorrect.   
Nikon D5000

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Message posted at 10/30/2012, 20:44:09 PM by Farek
   Visit at the dentist      Visit at the dentist      Visit at the dentist   
Canon 700D with canon 50mm 1:1.8 II , 28-135 IS ,135 1:2 ,...

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Message posted at 12/12/2012, 02:05:34 AM by Chrisboswell
Thanks for the request....

   Female doctor scrubs stethoscope medical healthcar   

   Healthcare Worker Holds Stethoscope filling chart   

   Young Nurse Working Charts Computer Keyboard   

   Pretty Young Nurse Working Medical Chart Clipboard   

   Happy young nurse doctor employee workstation   

   Hospital staff woman entering data patient chart   
Full Frame DSLR and all the trimings

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Message posted at 12/12/2012, 10:36:59 AM by Jirsak
   Doctor - surgeon   
   Doctor surgeon   
Canon EOS 5D mark II, Canon EOS 400D, Canon TS-E 90mm f/2.8,...

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