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I'm still a newbie :)

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Message posted at 08/09/2012, 07:05:37 AM by Dawnmercer
Hi everyone...

My name is Dawn, I'm from Ontario, Canada. Originally from Newfoundland, Canada.
I'm still a newbie..I'm up to 26 photos accepted yay ... I'd just like to say "Good Morning from Canada" ... and if anyone can give me any kind of advice or helpful tips, I would totally appreciate it ...

Have an awesome day
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Message posted at 08/09/2012, 08:10:55 AM by Sarahks804
Hi im new here aswell,everyone is so lovely here.

Good luck to you :)
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Message posted at 08/09/2012, 08:52:02 AM by Dawnmercer
thank you so much ... good luck to you as well :)
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Message posted at 08/09/2012, 10:17:38 AM by Afagundes
Hi Dawn, welcome to DT!
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Message posted at 08/09/2012, 12:23:45 PM by Carballo
Welcome, it is difficult to give advice and more hit the good advice, I certainly would stay with the advice of the record and see how everything works. Good luck and welcome
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Message posted at 08/09/2012, 12:58:38 PM by TMarchev
Welcome to Dreamstime!
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Message posted at 08/09/2012, 13:49:09 PM by Kezza53
Hello of luck! :)
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Message posted at 08/09/2012, 15:04:19 PM by Linqong
Welcome to DT!!
Wish you have more sales here!
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Message posted at 08/09/2012, 17:16:07 PM by Kartouchken
Good luck and hopefully you have very soon your first sale !!!

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Message posted at 08/09/2012, 19:25:02 PM by Dianakern
Hi everyone - I am a newbie too! I have been waiting & waiting for that first sale too, maybe someday. Good luck to you - DT is a great place!
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Message edited at 08/10/2012, 02:45:46 AM by Kurtzky
Hi! I'm Mark from the Philippines. I joined Dreamstime back in 2009 but was inactive until this month. I have recently uploaded some landscape photos in my portfolio. You can also drop by my travel blog Thanks.

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Message posted at 08/10/2012, 07:32:54 AM by Dawnmercer
Thank you everyone for your kind words :) I wish you all many happy sales ..
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Message posted at 08/10/2012, 07:44:10 AM by Gigraa
Welcome and good luck
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Message posted at 08/10/2012, 10:02:18 AM by Miraclemoments
welcome and good luck on DT
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Message posted at 08/10/2012, 10:48:36 AM by Adeliepenguin
Hi Dawn!

Welcome! Good luck--I hope you have many successes here at Dreamstime.

Advice or tips? Spend time reading the message boards and blogs. There is lots of good information to help you improve your progress. Diversify your portfolio. Be very patient.
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Message posted at 08/13/2012, 09:28:03 AM by Yadamons
Welcome to Dreamstime, Bluedawn.
Morning from Canada - very fresh.
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Message posted at 08/15/2012, 21:35:44 PM by Teptong
Hi Dawn and welcome to DT.

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Message posted at 08/17/2012, 02:35:39 AM by Dejai63
Hi Dawn, take a look to the newest uploads maybe this will be helpful to get ideas for your next photos.
Good luck, Dieter.
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Message posted at 08/17/2012, 16:49:25 PM by Asakalaskas
Good morning from Alaska!!! Many sales to you.
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Message posted at 08/20/2012, 07:57:52 AM by Barbacane
Welcome aboard!

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