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100 sold pictures and increased sales

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Message posted at 08/10/2012, 17:04:47 PM by Phildaint
well ill start off with saying that i have sold 100 images finally... it been a long 8 months but its finally starting to come together (with frequent sales)

Now the other thing was, has anyone noticed an increase in sales atall? so far this month is already in 2nd place as a bme....
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Message posted at 08/11/2012, 00:25:11 AM by Calyx22
Congratulations to you! That's awesome! August has also started off nicely for me. Let's see if I can avoid the dreaded mid -month slump. :)
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Message posted at 08/11/2012, 02:34:52 AM by Picstudio
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Message posted at 08/11/2012, 06:28:20 AM by Bobbrooky
I havent sold a thing for a week now, I suppose its whether your images are what the buyers require, at that moment in time.
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Message posted at 08/11/2012, 08:57:03 AM by Melonstone
I think you really notice a leap when you get 500+ pics online, especially if your port has some diversity. Keep up the good work.

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Message posted at 08/11/2012, 19:29:58 PM by Afagundes
Congrats Phildaint, August is being a good month for me as well
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Message posted at 08/12/2012, 04:35:37 AM by Lfmpereira
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Message posted at 08/12/2012, 04:47:17 AM by Ninuscha
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Message posted at 08/13/2012, 09:56:21 AM by Lisafx
Congrats Phil! Nice to hear the work is paying off :)
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Message posted at 08/13/2012, 16:17:31 PM by Mike2focus
Way to go, Phil. Nice night shot of Manchester!
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Message posted at 08/19/2012, 08:07:38 AM by Lika82

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