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solid wood doors

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Message posted at 12/18/2012, 18:48:31 PM by Royaanvari
hi,i live in toronto,canada. my husband and i have started up our business and need some photos for our website that we cant find exactly like our samples in your website. our company makes entry solid wooden is a link for you to see what kind of doors, i'm looking for. please if you have something similar send it to me.

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Message posted at 12/18/2012, 20:52:04 PM by Chanevy
Hi Roya,
Your link doesn't seem to be showing up. Could you please post it again?
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Message posted at 12/18/2012, 21:11:44 PM by Royaanvari
it is :
good luck

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Message posted at 12/18/2012, 22:55:06 PM by Enigmacypher
What is your timeline for this? Do you have preferences as to which kind of doors you are wanting? On your site, I see lots of interior and exterior doors. Are you needing more of both of these? Thanks.

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Message posted at 12/18/2012, 23:04:47 PM by Royaanvari
i only need exterior doors. i will them as soon as possible in this week.

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Message posted at 12/19/2012, 00:17:59 AM by Risto40
a set of my most solid doors:
   Set of round top doors   

I have a few more sets, but i'm afraid these are not that you're looking for. These are a bit ancient-style doors. But here are the links, if interested:

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

pic 4

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Message posted at 12/19/2012, 07:51:28 AM by Astormfr
Here are mine if they can help. I know it is not your exact request but it may be different:

   Heart hole   

for joke:
   Beach hut   

Do you also plan to to shutter in wood?
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Message posted at 12/19/2012, 08:54:30 AM by Utoplec

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Message posted at 12/19/2012, 10:25:31 AM by Royaanvari
hi dear, actually we make a door for a new house .so we need some photos that are combination of classic and modern doors.

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Message posted at 12/19/2012, 12:25:00 PM by Bogdanzagan
This is not mine but I was browsing and I remember seeing this post ... so here it is:
   Doors - Lviv, Ukraine   
Glad I could help.
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Message edited at 12/20/2012, 11:45:47 AM by Unteroffizier
Try the below

Oriental reinforced double doors
 Gate Doors 

General purpose thick wooden doors
 Red Gate 
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Message posted at 12/22/2012, 05:53:18 AM by Yoavsinai
here are some of mine
   House in Nysted   

   Stone wood and iron   

   Modern wood door   

or at my collection:
Facades windows and doors
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Message posted at 12/26/2012, 21:37:11 PM by Dgmate
I have 2 doors in the pending status. I hope Im not yet late.:)
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Message posted at 12/27/2012, 05:32:18 AM by Dgmate
   Wooden door   

   Wodden door   
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Message posted at 12/29/2012, 03:41:23 AM by pic.r
Maybe this can help, too:
   Green door   (HDR)   
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Message edited at 12/29/2012, 09:21:47 AM by Angelaravaioli
   Ancient door   It's so old that can be considered strong ... and is made of wood :-)!
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Message posted at 01/09/2013, 08:24:01 AM by Bagira26
   Decorative house   

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Message posted at 01/10/2013, 12:57:49 PM by Nikon4004
   Blue entry door   
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Message posted at 01/10/2013, 15:38:33 PM by Digikhmer
May I suggest you this three ?

   Luxury Townhouse door   

   Townhouse Entrance Front Door   

   Luxery Entrence Door   
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