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My first ever conceptual image sold!

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Message posted at 01/30/2013, 14:59:32 PM by Robinstockphotos
New article posted: My first ever conceptual image sold!
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Message posted at 01/30/2013, 23:23:05 PM by Positiveflash
Great story, it is really inspirational.

Also, congratulations on your sale. It is always nice to see perseverance actully pay off.

Great job, and good luck.

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Message posted at 01/31/2013, 00:23:13 AM by Clearvista
Congratulations. You have done very well and are a great example and inspiration. Your attitude brings a big smile to my face and you deserve every success that will surely come to you. It is uplifting to see.
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Message posted at 01/31/2013, 03:56:18 AM by Keki
well done!

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Message posted at 01/31/2013, 03:58:02 AM by Harshvardhan
Thankyou so much prateek for sharing your insight! For the last few days i have been reading all your blogs, and it helps me to keep on trying to stick to stock photography as i have experienced the same thing. Earlier my only two files were selected but after reading your blogs, my 7 more files have been selected. I hope for the sale soon. thanks! and keep on inspiring all of us the so called beginners! thanks again!
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Message posted at 01/31/2013, 05:41:00 AM by Baldas1950
Great blog! and very useful suggestions and inspirations for everibody!
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Message posted at 01/31/2013, 06:47:50 AM by Robinstockphotos
Bought one of the level 0 photos of Harshvardhan below. I felt like he could do with some encouragement. ;)
Lots of credits from my blogs...why not spend on people who want to see a sale real bad? Love this thing!

And thank you everyone. I'd probably not be writing as often if not for your encouraging comments and equally encouraging ports. :)
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Message posted at 01/31/2013, 07:24:05 AM by Miraclemoments
Good stuff....well done on finding ways around camera limitations.
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Message posted at 01/31/2013, 09:01:27 AM by Egomezta
Great blog, I really liked your image.
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Message posted at 01/31/2013, 09:26:02 AM by Celiaak
Very simple and beautiful! I love the contrast betwwen dryness and the leave.
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Message posted at 01/31/2013, 10:47:09 AM by Chanevy
Wonderful blog, thank you. You have the right attitude to go with your skills!
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Message posted at 01/31/2013, 11:31:57 AM by smartview27
Congratulations !
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Message posted at 01/31/2013, 11:45:24 AM by Elianehaykal

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Message posted at 02/01/2013, 01:45:59 AM by Suegresham
Congratulations - perseverance counts - I am getting a lot of refusals also, but hope to improve. Dreamstime have such a lovely attitude and give constructive crits.
I am sure that you will do well.

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Message posted at 02/01/2013, 08:05:55 AM by Py2000
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Message posted at 02/01/2013, 12:03:39 PM by Mike2focus
Thanks for writing this inspirational blog! Keep imagining and keep uploading, you are succeeding. "Leaf on Parched Earth" is a perfect stock photo, good concept, negative area for text, simple and clean composition. Great job!
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Message posted at 02/02/2013, 12:42:18 PM by Marieclaire66
I can relate to every word you said. I've learned to shrug off the rejections (that's how it feels sometimes), and move on. Your little picture is striking with an excellent use of contrast. Wished I'd thought of it. It just shows what you can do with a little imagination. It's probably your most powerful tool, ahead of a fancy camera. It's better to upgrade your camera as your skills improve, not the other way around. Keep up the good work!
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Message posted at 02/02/2013, 22:07:50 PM by Picstudio
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Message posted at 02/03/2013, 09:25:31 AM by Bhutri
I really appreciate your spirit. All the best. It's always hard in the beginning but nothing is impossible.

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Message posted at 02/06/2013, 09:59:04 AM by Beyo1980
Ive just read this and it blew my mind. Last night, I uploaded my first set of pictures. As we speak, they are still under investigation and I have no idea if they will be allowed. I thought I wasnt good enough, and not to sure if this is something I wanted to do. But you are so right. Its not the camera that makes the picture, its the few inches behind it.

Thanks you so much for your inspiration.
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