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I just want to introduce myself as a new member!

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Message posted at 02/03/2013, 08:52:19 AM by Soccerfreak
I uploaded my first 3 images, and was SO excited when I saw the third one had been accepted! I am just now uploading 11 more photos of the Northern California Coast in Sonoma County, Bodega Bay, California. I'm a total computer geek and do most of my work when everyone else is sleeping, since I can't do my photo editing at work (obviously). I just want to say hi, and I love the tips and tricks on the message board! Now I have yet ANOTHER obsession now, and that is uploading my images on to Dreamstime...have a wonderful day! Marya aka soccerfreak

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Message posted at 02/03/2013, 09:37:28 AM by Miraclemoments
Welcome and good luck....enjoy the challenge of the upload and the sale.
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Message posted at 02/03/2013, 10:56:29 AM by Treb999
Hey, welcome to DT, good luck!
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Message posted at 02/03/2013, 11:20:36 AM by Kezza53
Hi there, all the best and good luck! :)
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Message posted at 02/03/2013, 11:20:52 AM by Karunaimaging
Welcome and good luck!
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Message posted at 02/04/2013, 13:33:20 PM by Bobbrooky
Welcome to DT and the forums, this is a friendly and helpful community. If I could offer you any advice, it would be to get your head down, and upload those pics, with a great deal of emphasis on keywords. Good luck for your future.
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Message posted at 02/04/2013, 14:53:53 PM by Py2000

Welcome to DT! It's interesting to see that your first 2 online images look strikingly similar to each other.

Best of wishes,

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Message posted at 02/04/2013, 18:40:26 PM by Yadamons
Welcome to Dreamstime and enjoin.
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Message posted at 02/06/2013, 00:35:27 AM by Infokus408
welcome to dt. good luck and many sales.
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Message posted at 02/06/2013, 01:53:41 AM by Nihonjapan
It looks like you're off to a great start! Nice Photos!
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Message posted at 02/06/2013, 02:32:29 AM by Digikhmer
Hi !
Welcome to the DT community.
All the best !
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