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Searching for Real Military Women

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Message posted at 02/26/2013, 05:18:03 AM by Dudau - member is an admin
One of our buyers notified us they would need photos of military women.

Of course, they could search the database, but here's the catch: there are way too many sexy military women online, which they don't need, and they're not even that popular actually.

So, we'd love to see more real military women submitted rather than pretty sexy models playing the soldier's role.

Actually, this goes for all your submissions: try to picture more real people in real situations rather than shooting some pretty models doing nothing or just looking sexy. Real sells better than fake. Sex doesn't sell very well in stock photography.

If you have photos in your archive portraying women who look like real military soldiers, or planning a shoot, please take into consideration our advice.

As an inspiration, check out some photos from our Editorial section. As you can see, the real military women don't wear only a bra, their uniform doesn't consist in bikinis or a sweaty shirt, and their make-up is rather light.

   Military parade       Military woman in the army forces       Israeli army girl       Soldiers   
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Message posted at 02/26/2013, 07:52:22 AM by Bogdanzagan
Where is a demand there will be an offer.
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Message posted at 02/28/2013, 03:28:54 AM by Danielc1998
Does sailor women count?

   Dublin Tall Ship races 2012   
   Dublin Tall Ship races 2012   
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Message posted at 03/05/2013, 13:09:49 PM by Justfenix
I think that when you make an open call for military women you might also want to give some specifics. Not onlu is the branch of the military you are seeking relevant, but I would think that the country would be extremely important.

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Message posted at 03/12/2013, 10:08:26 AM by Joe1971
here is
   Mounted Policewoman   
   Mounted Policewoman   
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Message edited at 09/13/2013, 03:49:48 AM by Admin
   NASCAR:  Sep 11 Soldier with American flag   
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Message posted at 04/13/2013, 19:45:30 PM by Julia161
   Victory day celebration in Russia, Moscow   

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Message posted at 04/17/2013, 14:30:43 PM by BCritchley - member is an admin
   WWII WAAF Female in uniform   
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Message edited at 05/02/2013, 20:35:05 PM by Sasust
I'm cringing a little bit at those two with the ponytails. We aren't allowed to wear our hair like that in the US Military. It looks so awkward from what I'm used to seeing.

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Message posted at 05/02/2013, 23:21:30 PM by Macleoddesigns

Originally posted by Chanevy:
Quoted Message:    NASCAR:  Sep 11 Soldier with American flag   I am trying to post this for Macleoddesigns

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Message posted at 05/04/2013, 21:28:10 PM by Simonzhongzzl
it is important to meet the teal demand.
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Message posted at 06/01/2013, 10:41:23 AM by Lenutaidi
   Guards patrolling on horseback   

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Message edited at 06/16/2013, 22:28:43 PM by Teguhonly
   Women soldier 
   Indonesian woman soldier   
   Indonesian woman soldier   

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Message posted at 09/11/2013, 16:31:03 PM by Julia161
   Victory day celebration in Moscow, 2013   

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Message posted at 09/11/2013, 23:34:12 PM by Chanevy
   Air Force Color Guard with Rifles and Flag   
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Message edited at 10/02/2013, 11:04:40 AM by Adrianhg
Swedish female guard   Swedish guard   
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Message posted at 10/03/2013, 02:50:04 AM by Adrianhg
Dudau, I've just uploaded two more Swedish female soldiers - guards, hopefully they will be accepted in the next few days.
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Message posted at 12/22/2013, 06:33:43 AM by Davinciphotos
I have a lot of military pictures, as I was an Army Photojournalist. I was afraid that they wouldn't be accepted because of no Model Release. What are the guidelines on this?
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Message posted at 12/22/2013, 09:14:13 AM by Tempestz
@Davinciphotos, they can be submitted but only as editorials. Editorials do not require model releases.
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Message posted at 01/14/2014, 18:52:07 PM by Wordplanet
I have photos of Swedish Guards and US Coast Guard women that I will upload (as editorial) but would like to know if this is a general ongoing request or if it's too late now for the request. I saw this as a post from December 2013 - but in looking further realize it goes back nearly a year. If it's the kind of search that comes up regularly that would be great.
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