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My Formula for FAST Keywording

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Message posted at 03/12/2013, 09:03:34 AM by Leobruce
Very useful Suzie . . . thanks
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Message posted at 03/12/2013, 10:44:10 AM by Juliecwagner
Thanks! I'll try it! :)
Nikon D90 and PS Elements 10

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Message posted at 03/12/2013, 12:10:30 PM by smartview27
Thanks for sharing!
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Message posted at 03/13/2013, 08:19:49 AM by FabioConcetta
Great!Thankyou for sharing!
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Message posted at 03/13/2013, 14:05:50 PM by Dawnmercer
Very helpful .... great idea ... thank you :)
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Message posted at 03/13/2013, 20:16:16 PM by Gambillt5
Thank you ! I am a newbie and this advice is very helpful to me.
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Message posted at 03/13/2013, 21:19:06 PM by Infokus408
great tips! thanks for sharing.
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Message posted at 03/14/2013, 15:58:08 PM by Fotocodst
Thank you, Suzie. Very useful.. :)
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Message posted at 03/16/2013, 00:50:21 AM by Lenutaidi
Thank you for sharing,Suzie!I like your formula!:)

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Message posted at 03/17/2013, 11:26:54 AM by Onime
"good keywording make great sale"
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Message posted at 03/17/2013, 16:15:17 PM by Eclecticelegance
Ooh, I like this list! Thanks for sharing! :-)
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Message posted at 03/18/2013, 08:07:53 AM by Tedtompkins
For a foreigner the trouble doubles. That's a very good chart to follow. Yet I will keep buying the keywording from Dreamstime, looking for high selling photos and their tags, and get some extra hint from Google adwords. In such a way if I will not sell - and l do - it is only due to the poor quality of my works. ;-) ty
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Message posted at 03/19/2013, 21:53:03 PM by Gheburaseye
********y useful post! thank You!
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Message posted at 03/20/2013, 04:33:07 AM by Pawelsierakowski
I sincerely recommend SHOT KEYWORD company. I'm with those who do not like keywording .. I prefer to give that work into the hands of professionals and not wasting my time ..

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Message posted at 03/20/2013, 19:25:17 PM by Wordplanet
Good keywording makes such a difference - good topic!
I sometimes study the keywords used when people license my photos to get a sense of which are most important and have realized that for most images it's really the obvious ones that sell them.
I used to put in all the keywords I could think of which were relevant, but have started using fewer and trying to keep it to 50 or less, and this seems to have actually improved my sales. Great idea to start from the broad to the narrow. Using LR helps to prevent duplicates too, but I think your way helps to make sure you cover all bases and include both nouns and verbs - concrete things and concepts. Those concept words are really important!
Great article. Thanks for sharing!
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Message posted at 03/23/2013, 06:29:29 AM by Hel080808
Thank you so much for sharing ýour ideas with us!
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Message posted at 03/24/2013, 07:57:09 AM by Brettossman
Like the categories. I'm going to use these categroies in my Photoshop Elements keywords list. FYI, I use this list to add keywords in Photoshop, then Save Metadata to File. That way, my keywords are in my uploaded file. I still have my photos Keymastered in addition. For the price, it's worth it.
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Message posted at 03/25/2013, 10:23:43 AM by Yelo34
Very useful blog! It gives me a different perspective to what I do. I think if I combine the two methods my keywording will improve. Thanks for sharing
Some interesting toys

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Message posted at 03/26/2013, 10:48:21 AM by Edjbartos
Thanks for taking the time to share with us, very useful indeed.
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Message posted at 03/26/2013, 10:48:54 AM by Edjbartos
Thanks for taking the time to share with us, very useful indeed.
Nikon D700, Nikon D300, Fuji X100s, Nikkor 16-35mm, 24-120mm...

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