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What happens to our pictures

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Message edited at 03/20/2013, 19:46:09 PM by Admin
In another thread I was asking some of you for your experiences with buyers letting us know what they are doing with our pictures. Almost all said, that buyers very seldom leave a massage. Link to the thread
Would be nice if DT could include in the buying process an option to give information about the use of the bought picture... Maybe buyers would use such an option in case it is part of the buying process. What do you think?
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Message posted at 03/19/2013, 08:09:07 AM by Melonstone
Good idea, particularly if the buyer isn't identified, just info about what the picture has been used for....

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Message posted at 03/19/2013, 08:15:15 AM by Nikitu - member is an admin
Many buyers download very many images, think subscription plans. From our experience, if a buyer wants to let the photographer know where the images has been used he/she will leave a comment to the image or post on the message boards, but most buyers just wish to download the images they need without providing any extra info. That is why they come to microstock, because it is easy to use and hassle free.
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Message posted at 03/19/2013, 11:27:43 AM by Dieniti
Thanks Nikitu for your answer. I know that most of the buyers don't care about our wish to know where our pics are used for. But till now they also have no option... And many are not aware of the fact that we would like to know as you can read in this link. Please read the third post of Kaydrum.
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Message posted at 03/20/2013, 07:44:49 AM by Parkinsonsniper
This is a very popular subject these days. I personally think it's not that important to know where your images are used. Actually you can't keep the track after many sales. I can find hundreds of my pictures used in random websites. can I keep a track of them? I totally agree that it's a lot of fun :)

On the other hand, some discoveries are not that fun. I found one of my images used on the cover of a porn book LOL (link 1) and another one on the cover of a lesbian magician book!!! LOLx2 link 2

So :)) tell me should I be proud or what? I really feel happy to have my images on book covers, but confused to find my images on such books. Maybe it's better not to know :))
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Message posted at 11/07/2013, 18:41:46 PM by Gheburaseye
To know or not to know? This is the question!!!

Uhm...I found only one of my images online three or four years ago, then I stopped to search them (too difficoult), but I'd like to know where they are used and for what!

One of my image on a porn book? Uhm....this can be a nice idea LOL :D
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