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Hi all, I'm new

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Message posted at 05/01/2013, 11:27:46 AM by Rr1photography
Hi everyone, just submitted my first batch of files and received my acceptance :-) Glad to join in the fun! Now just have to get a sale...


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Message posted at 05/01/2013, 14:16:01 PM by Miraclemoments
Hey and good luck. Welcome to the site. Don't get discouraged when you get those rejections. Great images so far!
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Message posted at 05/01/2013, 14:39:43 PM by Suyerry
Welcome to DT! and congrats on your first uploads. Just keep uploading and build your portfolio, the sales will come! Good Luck! :-)
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Message posted at 05/01/2013, 21:46:18 PM by Rr1photography
Thanks! I sure will keep on going! :-)

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Message posted at 05/01/2013, 21:53:41 PM by Afagundes
Hi there, congrats on your first aprovals and welcome to DT!
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Message posted at 05/01/2013, 22:36:01 PM by Pindiyath100
Hi Cheryl! Welcome to DT!! :)
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Message posted at 05/01/2013, 23:48:33 PM by Rr1photography
Thanks. Everyone is so friendly here. I'm sure DT will awesome!

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Message posted at 05/02/2013, 03:06:12 AM by Clearvista
Hello Cheryl welcome to DT. Great to get your first approvals, keep uploading and eventually the sales will happen. All the best.
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Message posted at 05/02/2013, 05:01:44 AM by Treb999
Welcome to DT!
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Message posted at 05/02/2013, 08:04:39 AM by Py2000
Hi Sherry,

Welcome to DT!

Best of wishes,

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Message posted at 05/03/2013, 13:34:40 PM by Rr1photography
Thanks. What a nice welcome :-)

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Message posted at 05/04/2013, 13:13:32 PM by Infokus408
welcome to dt! just keep uploading. sales will come. good luck and many sales.
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