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Howdy from NZ

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Message posted at 07/21/2013, 05:54:08 AM by Dfphotonz
Hi Dreamstime community, new around here, but I am looking forward to pushing myself in my photography to get up to speed with what seems a incredibly talented group of contributors.

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Message posted at 07/21/2013, 06:04:58 AM by Sml
Dwayne, welcome to DT, you have a great start to your port love the dog and the surf board and the colours in the image of the man walking with the surf board. Wishing you many sales. Susan
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Message posted at 07/21/2013, 07:08:00 AM by Clearvista
Hello welcome to dreamstime. Love the aerosol blur. Good luck, hope you get many more on soon and sales to follow.
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Message posted at 07/21/2013, 11:48:45 AM by Yadamons
Dwayne, I like your portfolio.
Welcome to Dreamstime and wish you have a good sells.
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Message posted at 07/21/2013, 11:51:13 AM by Mike2focus
Welcome to DT! Best of luck with many sales.
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Message posted at 07/22/2013, 03:31:24 AM by Astormfr
welcome and have fun
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Message posted at 07/22/2013, 14:26:59 PM by Miraclemoments
Welcome and best of luck to you....with 47 online you are ready to go go go...
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Message posted at 07/22/2013, 20:15:09 PM by Mathisa
Welcome !!
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Message posted at 07/22/2013, 22:20:41 PM by Suyerry
Hello! Welcome to DT! Good luck!
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Message posted at 07/23/2013, 02:36:38 AM by Angelaravaioli
Welcome to DT. Good choice and good portfolio!
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Message edited at 07/23/2013, 02:53:08 AM by Dfphotonz
thanks everybody, I like it here already. Learning a lot from my rejections, it makes you stop and think, hell yea I can do better next time.

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Message posted at 07/23/2013, 06:43:53 AM by Treb999
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Message posted at 07/23/2013, 23:33:56 PM by Nylakatara2013
Welcome and enjoy, everyone here at DT is friendly and there are a lot of talented contributors.

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Message posted at 07/25/2013, 14:46:06 PM by Infokus408
welcome to dt! best of luck and many sales.
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