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Message edited at 07/25/2013, 03:53:15 AM by Admin
hi all please help: before dreamstime i registered my name on ******** and became a contributer now i am contributer on ******** without uploading image. but now i am exclusive contributer on dreamstime, how can i delete my account on ******** please help me soon
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Message posted at 07/25/2013, 02:12:14 AM by Melonstone
You maybe don't have to delete your account if you have no images for sale - it's the actual selling of images that is not permitted so you should be ok having an open account especially because you may want to buy images there (altho I would discourage that ;-D ).

In any event, I seem to recall you just email support at F******* & ask them to close your account.

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Message posted at 07/25/2013, 02:28:41 AM by Nikitu - member is an admin
What Melonstone said is correct, and please don't ask questions about other stock sites on our message boards, you can contact them directly.
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