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What Do you think about the Nikkor AF-S 55 - 300 mm VR?

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Message posted at 08/02/2013, 12:06:30 PM by Ivdanu
Does anybody have it ? used it? What do you think about it? I consider buying it (a while, I was inclined to buy the 55-200 Vr but it seems that the 100 mm and VR II instead of VR does the trick better and is worth the bigger price...)
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Message posted at 03/16/2014, 16:05:59 PM by Fotoeye75
I haven't used it but it has a super huge zoom range for an extremely low price so that tells me it's perfect for the general consumer who primarily takes pics during family vacations, their kids opening birthday presents, etc. That's a pretty slow lens too which sucks in low-light. Nikon makes great glass for pros but this looks like a consumer lens. Typically, you get what you pay for. Your best bet is to stop in your local camera shop and pop one on your camera for some test shots .. then go back home and evaluate them.
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