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Suggest photo gallery (plugin or something)

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Message posted at 08/10/2013, 04:23:27 AM by Risto40
I have a photo website with plain large picture galleries (there are no databases) based on Lightbox gallery. I am seriously missing the option to add keywords/tags to pictures and perhaps some comment (a sentence or a few) under it and a search engine on the website to search for specific images.

Could anyone please suggest some solid photogallery with above mentioned features, plus, it must be possible to categorize images, i.e. landscape, animals, architecture, etc?

I should mention that I have skills in HTML only, no experience in databases. So it would be great if the installation of the gallery isn't extremely difficult. Also, no experience with Wordpress or other similar platforms.

If interested, then my current website is HERE. This is self made from the beginning (excepte Lightbox gallery function, which is only embedded by me). Url says it's php but it's actually html. Php is only used for include() function. I have no php skills either :(

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Message posted at 08/31/2013, 08:17:32 AM by Luvemak
I use Zenfolio, and all of my metadata transfers over. You can categorize by collections and galleries and add any information you need to search later on. If you have a certain level account, you can add unlimited amounts of photos (and videos).

Once you learn to navigate the site, it is very easy. Especially easy if you are entering all of your keywords, etc. prior to uploading your photos.

Hope this helps.
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Message posted at 08/31/2013, 14:17:54 PM by Red

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