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UK Primary School images

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Message posted at 08/21/2013, 03:16:39 AM by Sherstonsoftware
Hello, I am a designer looking for a specific set of images with UK Primary School children using technology such as iPads/Tablets. As UK school children wear uniforms it is important that they are wearing school uniforms. Ages between 7-11 years please. Images can be on plain white background or within a school setting. Thank you.

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Message posted at 10/03/2013, 17:01:50 PM by Quickydesign
You would probably have to go through the Local education authority if you wanted photos as there are a lot of legal boxes to check with the use of childrens images, also education etc.

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Message posted at 10/05/2013, 16:46:07 PM by Promicrostockraw
Difficult to get these images even in other places. You may get some editorial images though in various sections.
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