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The Olympus OM-D (E-M5) - first thoughts

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Message posted at 08/22/2013, 09:07:14 AM by Wiscan
Hi All

Have just bought the current OM-D camera from Olympus and have tested it against my professional Olympus E-5, and I am pleased to report it shall replace it. The image stabilisation (and true 1080p HD) for filming and gaining 3 to 4 stops is excellent news. Already have my first image accepted on Dreamstime using the new camera.

I opted for the packaged 12-50mm lens and apart from some obvious CA (correctable in post processing in RAW) on wide angle / contrasty backgrounds it's silent zoom is great for video shooting and a good all rounder for mobility.

New sensor is bigger at 16MP and with the adapter all my 4 thirds lenses fit too.

The weight and scale of it means its a take away holiday camera and not an encumbrance.

Really happy with it as my first camera way back at art college was an OM10!
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Message edited at 08/22/2013, 09:38:55 AM by Bradcalkins
Have fun with it, it is a great little camera! Don't get rid of your 4/3 glass, though - the next generation looks like it will support PDAF on sensor AF with those excellent, but older lenses...
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