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Seamless Patterns

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Message posted at 10/03/2013, 08:39:26 AM by D40xboy
I See that Seamless Patterns sell well any hints or tips?
I'm using Illustrator CS6
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Message posted at 10/04/2013, 02:32:39 AM by Raheel99gmailcom

More search result from google.

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Message posted at 10/04/2013, 08:13:39 AM by Luvemak
So it looks like this is done with tiles??? I created a few in PS using tiles. I thought maybe there was some wraparound command or something for doing more intricate there? (Sorry if this is a silly question. I am new to trying illustrations and I have PS CS6 and Illustrator CS - Yes, CS! I am refusing to use it since it is sooooo different from the tools and such in PS. Once I get Windows 7 or 8, I may try the CC)
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