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Hello everyone!

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Message posted at 10/11/2013, 04:34:54 AM by Idragos
Hello! My name is Dragos and I'm fairly new to the world of stock photography. I've been doing photography for quite some time (now I'm studying it at University).

Honestly, I started doing stock photography hoping to make some money to pay for equipment and photography related activities but now I'm beginning to enjoy it. It's wonderful when someone uses your images to create or to promote something.

I hope I will get better at stock photography and maybe make some money on the side.

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Message posted at 10/11/2013, 05:57:31 AM by Dieniti
Welcome to DT Dragos!
I am sure you will enjoy you time here! Wish you much success for the future!
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Message posted at 10/11/2013, 08:05:19 AM by Grafoo
Welcome to Dreamstime community!
Wish you a lot of fun and success in microstock market.
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Message posted at 10/11/2013, 12:58:49 PM by Treb999
Welcome, and good luck here!
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Message posted at 10/12/2013, 13:51:57 PM by Cjmgrafx
Welcome and good luck on your journey. You have a very nice start to your portfolio.

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Message posted at 10/12/2013, 17:43:29 PM by Infokus408
welcome to dt! nice portfolio. best of luck.
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Message posted at 10/14/2013, 18:34:50 PM by Mike2focus
Welcome aboard, Dragos! I hope your first sales happens quickly and many more sales follow!
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Message posted at 10/14/2013, 22:45:13 PM by Lenutaidi
Welcome to DT, Dragos! Good start! Keep shooting, keep uploading and keep learning! Go, Go!! Best of luck!!

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Message posted at 10/15/2013, 03:55:07 AM by Idragos
Thank you very much everyone! I just sold a photo here, great feeling!

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Message posted at 10/15/2013, 06:14:07 AM by Cjmgrafx
Awesome about the first sale. It's very motivating to get out and shoot more now, isn't it?

Good luck on you're continued success.

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