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Hi New from Bangalore,India

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Message posted at 10/11/2013, 13:00:50 PM by Jamesadaickalsamy
Hello Everyone,

This is James from Bangalore...New to DT! Just submitted 12 photos..waiting for approval..
Looking forward to be a DT contributor and this wonderful photographers community :)

Canon EOS 550D, Lenses - Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS II ...

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Message posted at 10/11/2013, 16:28:41 PM by Treb999
Welcome to DT and good luck with your submissions!
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Message posted at 10/12/2013, 01:10:54 AM by Amlanmathur
Hey James, a big welcome from a another photo bug bitten Indian. It's going to be a very fun ride, best of luck for the approvals
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Message posted at 10/12/2013, 01:56:31 AM by Jamesadaickalsamy
Hey Amlan,Thank you!
Canon EOS 550D, Lenses - Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS II ...

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Message posted at 10/12/2013, 13:49:25 PM by Cjmgrafx
Welcome and good luck on your journey.

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Message posted at 10/12/2013, 17:43:54 PM by Infokus408
welcome to dt! best of luck.
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Message posted at 11/26/2013, 23:33:11 PM by Joemat
Hi James,

Thanks for writing in my thread. I am also from Bangalore, and joined DT around the same time. It is interesting to have a journey together!!!

Jose Mathew

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Message posted at 11/28/2013, 09:22:47 AM by Mariophoto
Hello Jamesadaickalsamy, Welcome to DT best of luck.

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