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Others Also Having Problem With Unfinished Files?

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Message posted at 02/12/2014, 16:59:39 PM by Moonbeamimages
I just wondered if others are also having the problem that when you click on an unfinished file to fill out the details, you just get a page that says, "You are citizen of a country with an income tax treaty with the US. Please ensure you have submitted the W8-BEN tax form in order to benefit of a 15.00% US withholding tax otherwise the maximum 30% will be deducted, generating less revenue for you. Click here to submit form."? Usually I have this text in the top and the image detail blanks below, but now I only get this text.
I already e-mailed support 1 1/2 days ago, just wondered if others are having the same problem?

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Message edited at 02/13/2014, 07:46:12 AM by Admin
Hi Moonbeamimages,

Please make sure you have completed properly the Form W-8BEN.

See details here.

This form is mandatory after your first sale, in order for your earnings not to be affected.

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Edid: the id picture was to large, i cropped it and it was send succesfully
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Message posted at 08/23/2014, 01:09:24 AM by Preslav
Go to "TAX CENTER" icon in your "management area" and there you can submit the taxform.

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