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Feedback on image

My first attampt at graffiti on a brick wall. I added lighting and texture to bricks then added the graffiti using a brushes I made. I'd like to know whether it looks like the gritty urban scenes of grafitti? is it realistic enough?

thanks for your time

wall image
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Edited: 11/25/2004, 04:21:53 AM
I am no expert on the subject, "or a lot of other subjects" Ho HO , but really, it looks too accurate for sprayed paint on a brick wall. Just my openion of coarse. Great idea to work with though!! Others will reply to you and may have a different idea though. " I have always liked all of your pics!! You do very good work! Best to you..
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Edited: 11/25/2004, 04:25:12 AM
You forgot to display the image :)

Here it is:

 Graffiti wall 

It surely looks authentic...I am not sure how a stock graffiti should look like, but you did a great job in photoshop :)
Posted: 11/25/2004, 04:48:42 AM
Thank you both Achilles and McKown - Hmmn, maybe I should adjust the brush to splatter more.
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Posted: 11/25/2004, 05:39:33 AM
Well, I dont know about adjusting the brush. Im going to try and look up some graffiti, should be some somewhere on the internet. But graffiti has got so popular and there a lot of PRO painters into it now that maybe theres some being done which is more like yours.
VR ...
Posted: 11/25/2004, 11:38:06 AM
Looks really good to me. If you are wanting it to look more realistic the only thing I would say needs done is the opacity of the graffiti layer be lowered just a little and maybe slight desaturation. But then again who says it needs to look 100% realistic. good job.
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Posted: 11/25/2004, 20:48:24 PM
Looks authentic to me.

Great job.

Not sure what Phant means however. I thought a phant was a type of haircut.
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Posted: 11/25/2004, 22:34:25 PM
I dont think it means anything I made it up LOL
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Posted: 11/26/2004, 20:48:12 PM