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What photo gadgets do you want?

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Message posted at 05/02/2008, 04:23:13 AM by Fcarucci
Having used Windows all my life and actually working at Microsoft, I feel now a pressing urge to buy... a MacBook Air. I want it. Thanks Santa.
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Message posted at 10/10/2008, 01:02:54 AM by Oliksun
o what i wish the Most is a new Camera as my ald one is broken now... not completely - it works , but there is something with its Plato... so it is cheaper to buy new one then to fix My First love...

I think Santa is gonna be too buzy, so i will do my best to earn and buy it at the store...
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Message posted at 10/10/2008, 04:48:59 AM by Lerdsuwa
EF 70-200 f/2.8L IS would be my dream
Canon EOS 400D

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Message posted at 10/10/2008, 05:31:17 AM by ZrKnight
My first dslr!!!!!
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Message posted at 10/10/2008, 06:36:08 AM by Photosoup
upgrade to 5D MarkII

upgrade to Eizo for LCD

A couple of PocketWizards

Oh, maybe a nice video camcorder

Not too greedy hopefully. :)
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Message posted at 10/10/2008, 09:33:11 AM by Jaboardm
I never did get the Ipod, but here's one anyone could use no matter what their camera is...

1TB external hard drive. (I have already filled 2 and need a 3rd)


weather bag that fits over your equipment so you can still use it.

(This would require the camera model)

Memory cards are always good. I never seem to have enough

(and I have 6 with 2 camera bodies)
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Message posted at 10/10/2008, 10:18:45 AM by Stefaanh
I'd like a secondary body maybe...

Or that expensive MP Macro lens by canon..

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Message posted at 10/10/2008, 18:52:54 PM by Tdmartin - member is an admin
Next up on the wish list is the Canon 300mm f/2.8 L prime lens. Would be fantastic for shooting sports. Been shooting with the 70-200mm and the reach just isn't quite long enough.
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Message posted at 04/07/2010, 08:55:00 AM by Tudorspinu
Oh, I wish:

1. Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 G AF-S VR II

2. Nikon AF-S 10-24mm f3.5-4.5 G ED

3. Nikon AF 85mm f/1.4D IF

And, of course, a new body for these lens. It's a shame for me to wear any of these beauties on my old Nikon D80 :)

So let this body to be a Nikon D3x, or maybe a D3s, or at least, a simple D3 or D700. Now I have to work hard to could get all those things, coz I'm really dreaming about them
Nikon D800 and some lens

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Message posted at 04/04/2011, 12:03:31 PM by Guidonardacci
I hope that both + generous with me and presented me with an SLR + performance, with my already do miracles!

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Message posted at 04/04/2011, 13:19:35 PM by Nicku
I want a Intel i7 processor (quad core) system with 8 Gb Ram and Nvidia Quadro graphic card. + a 70-200 f/2.8 L IS USM ...... hmmmmmmm :)
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Message posted at 04/04/2011, 13:49:08 PM by Guidonardacci
my dream is a canon eos 5 d markIII zoom canon 70-200 f 2.8, I'm tired and disappointed of the system 4 / 3 olympus
Nikon d3100 ;olympus E-420; nikon S9100

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Message posted at 04/05/2011, 04:04:49 AM by Tamarabauer - member is an admin
LOL, have they even released the 5D Mk III yet? I'd be happy with a 5D Mk II ;o)
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Message posted at 04/05/2011, 06:00:01 AM by Afagundes
I am thinking about a 7D and a GPS to geotag my images
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Message posted at 04/05/2011, 06:00:37 AM by Chinchoi
step by step, my next step would be a 100mm 2.8 macro that is :)
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Message posted at 04/06/2011, 04:31:15 AM by Stocknadia
Hasselblad H4D or PhaseOne IQ160 :)
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Message posted at 04/06/2011, 05:32:24 AM by Guidonardacci

Originally posted by Tamarabauer:
Quoted Message: LOL, have they even released the 5D Mk III yet? I`d be happy with a 5D Mk II ;o)

I typed an "I" in more :-D
Nikon d3100 ;olympus E-420; nikon S9100

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Message posted at 04/07/2011, 06:56:30 AM by Herminutomo
This thread is really old! :D

okay... i wish for a yacht.

oh i forgot, it's not a gadget.

maybe 2 canon eos 5dmark3 and all the L lenses canon have ever produce so far.
Cameras & computers.

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Message posted at 04/07/2011, 08:59:41 AM by Pindiyath100
hmm.....I'm dreaming of a AF-S VR Zoom-NIKKOR

70-200mm f/2.8G IF-ED :)
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Message posted at 04/09/2011, 06:39:29 AM by Cafebeanzphoto
Santa, a 1G Compact Flash Card would be nice. Thank you very much ...... :p
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