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What photo gadgets do you want?

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Message posted at 07/19/2012, 11:43:17 AM by Bobbrooky
I would be more than happy with another Nikon D700, this has been an excellent piece of kit. Its not often in this day and age, that a purchase exceeds your expectations, my D700 did.
Nikon D700, 70-300vr, Sigma 180 f3.5macro, Sigma 20-40 f2.8,...

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Message posted at 07/19/2012, 12:20:42 PM by Sukukia
I WANT ALL THE PHOTO GADGETS 0.o *if that's possible XD*

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Message posted at 07/20/2012, 01:55:47 AM by Radub85
I wish for a Nikon D7000 and 2 lenses: 70-200 2.8 and 105 2.8 micro. :D
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Message posted at 07/20/2012, 02:56:30 AM by Janceluch
I wish for a time-stopping device that would allow me to squeeze in a 4 hours of shooting into my busy daily schedule ;) But if Santa does not have one on hand, than a rock-solid tripod and couple of light stands with booms would be OK as well...
A pair of eyes, one regular-sized brain, and some stuff for ...

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Message edited at 07/22/2012, 03:29:08 AM by Mpalis
Ideas, expand my creativity...

And after lighting equipment.
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Message posted at 08/11/2013, 21:23:37 PM by Myphotostock
Dreamstime, i just wish to have a great tripod for my canon t2i to improve my photographs quality. For me, it's the biggest wish for my camera. Thanx Dreamstime.. :)
Canon 550d, lens EFS 18-55mm, o.25m/0.8ft

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Message posted at 08/12/2013, 04:04:37 AM by Gillian08
I need a monopod. the tripod is too big for some situations.
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Message posted at 09/25/2013, 17:57:15 PM by Mudplucker
I'd like to have a light meter that actually does something useful like the Sekonic L-358 which will tell you what percentage of total light your flash is representing. In shoots where time is of the essence it would help get better shots. And added to that i could use 25k to scrape by on the next couple of years so that i could shoot 40 hours a week and put photography first and not have to worry about doing a real job to keep bills paid... i guess that is about it... that's all i want.. OH, and a new 6D Canon would be nice too !
Canon T2i and 5D classic, 85mm 1.8, 50mm 1.8, Canon 70-200...

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Message edited at 09/26/2013, 01:07:08 AM by Brocko

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Message posted at 09/27/2013, 13:17:28 PM by Nikon4004
Easy answer...............A ticket for a cruise to Alaska so I can get some fantastic images to post here and make some $$$ Ok yeah, a 400mm and an 1000mm for my NIkons to capture those imaages with
NikonD300, D90 , D70 ........ Ricohflex 2 1/2 Nikon 50mm 1....

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Message posted at 09/28/2013, 05:53:19 AM by Tridgers
An upgrade from my kit 18-55mm lens- probably the Tamron 18-50mm f2.8, as the image quality looks really impressive
Canon eos 600d with ef-s 55-250mm and 18-55mm IS II lenses. ...

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Message posted at 09/28/2013, 11:35:05 AM by Photosoup
I want Canon EF 200-400mm f/4L IS :))
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Message posted at 09/29/2013, 12:42:16 PM by Djk
Nikon d70, Nikon d200 Nikon D5100 Nikon D7000

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Message posted at 09/29/2013, 15:02:30 PM by Editor77
My wish is simple one:

1. One Sony RX1-R camera and a Nikon D610 :)
Mirrorless System Cameras

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Message posted at 09/29/2013, 15:51:58 PM by Photosoup

Originally posted by Editor77:
Quoted Message: My wish is simple one:

1. One Sony RX1-R camera and a Nikon D610 :)

That's two. :))
Canon 5D Mark II & 7D | Canon 24mm/f1.4 L | Canon 135mm/f2 L...

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Message posted at 09/30/2013, 04:09:51 AM by Editor77

Originally posted by Photosoup:
Quoted Message: That`s two. :))
- yep
Mirrorless System Cameras

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Message posted at 09/30/2013, 10:48:42 AM by Kcphotos
Just got some Pocket Wizard equipment for off-camera flashes and strobes. Exciting! I think my wishlist is now for a Nikon D800. No way can anyone in the family afford one for Christmas so it will have to wait until there are enough Dreamstime sales to buy it for me...
Nikon D300, D70s, Nikon 70-200mm f2.8VR, Nikon 105mm f2.8VR,...

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Message posted at 11/10/2013, 23:40:35 PM by Moonbeamimages
Well, two big wishes of mine are iPad mini 2 and a new camera for taking more pics for Dreamstime (the camera I have now is not working properly -- probably its too old :(

I could also use an apple bluetooth keyboard and an external hard drive for iPad.

Or how about gift cards? (Amazon, app store, etc.)

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Message posted at 11/11/2013, 06:09:32 AM by Miraclemoments
Additional body...5d MkIII
Panoramic head and new tripod.
500mm f4 L

that is honestly all I want.

Now where did I put the address for Santa? :-)
Canon 60D I AM A SIGMA AMBASSADOR Sigma 8-16 f4.5-5....

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Message posted at 11/11/2013, 06:41:29 AM by Lenutaidi
Lens Canon EF 24mm f/2.8 IS USM
Fancier Fan LED400M - lamp 400 LEDs with softbox
Kast Shooting Table KST-50
Diffusion 100cm Foldable Cube....

Santa can you hear me??? :)

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