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Isolating people

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Message posted at 01/24/2007, 05:11:00 AM by Christopherhall

I seen a lot of images where the people are on a white background. Have these images been taken against a white background or have the images been put onto a white background.

Does anyone have any tips for isolating people? I am having difficulty with hair at the moment.

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Message posted at 01/24/2007, 06:45:22 AM by Susanfindlay
I use masks for creating cutouts, especially for hair.

If you use a feathered brush, you will get a more natural look. You just need a little patience.

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Message edited at 01/25/2007, 10:13:12 AM by Littlemacproductions
I use a white background and then PS to clean it up. You can dodge out the areas, mask the areas, paint the areas white or erase. Choose your poison!

The best solution is to shoot against a white background with the proper lighting and exposure to alleviate the amount of time spent 'fixing' the image in PS.

There are other threads that address this issue as well.
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Message posted at 01/27/2007, 05:00:43 AM by Dnf-style
We use the white background and clean it up to.

For shots with people its not easy (hair etc).

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Message posted at 01/28/2007, 11:33:55 AM by Crysrob
I try my best to make the hair smooth with not alot of fly away pieces. Seems to help a bit.

I use a white paper background and then as most just use PS for a bit of touch up.

If you cant afford background stands and paper, try using a solid white sheet or for a head shot a piece of white bristol board.

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Message posted at 03/18/2007, 04:38:50 AM by Fotandy
Hi, christopherhall

I receive the best results, by photographing the motive before a black or white background and cleaning then in PS the background. Sometimes I work also with masks. With partial after-exposure and manual weaking leads sometimes also to the destination.

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Message posted at 03/22/2007, 09:29:08 AM by Starharper
You think people hair is difficult - try dog hair! It takes a lot of patience but it is possible with PS.

Also, for a white background with dogs I use sweatshirt fabric. I buy several yards when it's on sale or I have a 50 percent off coupon. When using it for the background and floor, the dogs don't slip and it stays in place pretty well if it's laid on a carpet.

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