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"Photoshop Kindergarten" - Using a Mask? How does (they) it work?

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Message posted at 06/04/2007, 21:05:43 PM by Rjmiz
This is the first in a series of "Photoshop Kindergarten"

Designed for the RAW beginner who owns photoshop but is too

lazy to learn it.

What you need to do then is enroll in:

Kindergarten for the Photoshop (almost) User

First lesson MASKS What are they? and What do they do?

Click Here to Enroll
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Message posted at 01/27/2013, 13:42:09 PM by Jdfoster
What is the deal are you trying to sell stuff for go or do you have something to say about Photoshop?

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Message posted at 01/27/2013, 18:11:27 PM by Red
Please look at the dates on these forum entries. Old threads are not deleted when they become inaccurate. This was from 2007. The link to that site is no longer active. It's owner passed away in 2008. He shared many great tutorials in the past and is missed. Transfer of his images' copyright was given to his family.

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Message posted at 01/29/2013, 15:13:11 PM by Parkinsonsniper
Sorry to hear a fellow photographer passed away, even if it has been 4 years...
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Message posted at 01/29/2013, 16:34:51 PM by Jdfoster
Sorry to hear that

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